Career Opportunities You Can Explore After Earning The CBAP Certification!

CBAP is an industry-recognized credential for businesses analysts, which validates their business analysis skills and expertise. Recognizing their superior skill set and leadership expertise allows professionals to show the world their commitment and dedication towards their career. CBAP certified professionals are in higher demand, and more respected in any industry. CBAPs are professionals who have earned this prestigious credential, which is awarded by the reputed IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis), by successfully passing the CBAP examination. They are known for holding years of experience in business analysis and identifying the business needs of the organization.CBAP-Certification

Enterprises value CBAP certified professionals because they are responsible for suggesting the best business solutions to bring in the maximum benefits. CBAP Certification  Online enables participants to thoroughly understand business analysis, making them proficient in understanding business requirements and recommending solutions that bring maximum returns. Once certified, professionals can explore some of the most lucrative career opportunities.

  • IT Business Analyst

IT business analysts evaluate the business process, support multiple stakeholder groups, and look beyond the project while working on more than one system. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the average salary for an IT BA is $94,400 per year. It is an ideal career opportunity for anyone who wants to focus on technology and business components of managing corporate data.


  • Data Analysis Scientist

The buzz around big data is making data analysis scientists extremely valuable. They need to own the specific combination of necessary skill sets and are responsible for extracting meaning from the data. The average salary for a data analysis scientist is $130,300 USD per year.


  • Business Analyst Manager

BA managers are in charge of managing different project analysis tasks for their organization. Organizations hire professionals who have mastered essential skills and are able to make proactive modifications as a business grows.


  • Quantitative Analyst

Quantitative analysts demonstrate their expertise in the application of mathematical and statistical methods to financial and risk management problems. The average salary for a certified QA is $63,000 per year.

In recent times, companies have shown interest in hiring BA professionals who own to their skill sets and expertise in business analysis. Multisoft Virtual Academy is focused to help professionals find better job opportunities, better income and global recognition via their world-class online CBAP Certification program, which is led by industry-expert trainers. Professionals who choose CBAP training online gain in-depth knowledge of the latest version of BABOK Guide and deep understanding of internationally-accepted principles and standards of business analysis, so that they can accumulate intelligent business solutions.

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