Career Scope after Data Analytics Certification Courses!

Data analytics is a set of quantitative and qualitative approaches to derive valuable insights from data. It involves extracting data and collating it to derive various patterns, relations, connections, and other such valuable insights from it. Data analytics offers businesses an appropriate approach for better performances and growth and enables them to gather information from various resources and industry, supporting business growth. Irrespective of industry, data analytics proves to be extremely advantageous to organizations. With top organizations such Google, Netflix or Amazon adopting this modern technology to provide their customer the best experience, more and more businesses are employing data analytics professionals to analyze their data and uncover the meaning behind it. Thus, learning data analytics opens doors to numerous data-driven career opportunities and careers. As it is a complex process, enterprises hire only certified professionals with legit data analytics skills.

data analytics certification courses online

Data analytics certification courses Online highlight professionals’ data handling skills and make them proficient in exploiting the power of big data. Once certified, analytics professionals are hired by top organizations such as Google, Microsoft, Mu Sigma, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, HP, Citibank, Adobe, KPMG, etc. A certified data analyst earns an average salary of $85,000 in the US. In order to gain insights from data and build data-driven business strategies, professionals need to own specific skills, like SQL, Microsoft Excel, Critical Thinking, R/Python, Data Visualization, and Machine Learning. According to a report by IBM, data-driven career positions will rise to 2.7 million by 2020. Online data analytics courses are ideal for professionals who are willing to acquire the desired expertise and stay competitive in the job market.

The 5 highest-paying career opportunities after learning data analytics are as follows:

  • Data engineers are responsible for developing, constructing, testing and maintaining architectures such as databases and large-scale data processing systems. Data analytics online courses help aspiring individuals in honing their analysis, computer engineering, and big data skills.
  • Business analysts work with organizations to conduct analysis to come up with solutions to business problems. They require data analytics knowledge as well as skills related to communication, analytical thinking, and management. With businesses shifting to modern business solutions, it comes as no surprise that BAs have a bright and booming future.
  • Because of the increasing dependency on big data and AI, the demand for data scientists is growing exponentially. They are the analytical data experts who explore problems that need to be solved and hold the key to the future.
  • Product managers who own predictive analytics skills create competitive products that satisfy end-users. Thus, top enterprises hire data analytics professionals to add value to customers.
  • Data architects are considered to be a critical link between business and technology. They utilize their skills and expertise to understand all elements of databases and interface with the business at a high level.

Multisoft Virtual Academy is a renowned training organization that provides the best data analysis courses for beginners. Each analytics course is designed by industry experts in order to teach participants all the essential skills required to make it big in the big data industry. Participants get the opportunity to learn from industry professionals who have worked in the same field for years. They also get to work with tools that are used by seasoned data analysts at work. Multisoft offers analytics courses that do not require any prerequisites, giving both beginners and experienced professionals the opportunity to achieve data analytics certification and become a successful data analytics professional. If you want to open the door to these lucrative opportunities.


Summary: This blog discovers various career opportunities that professionals can embrace after going through data analytics certification courses and becoming a data analytics expert. These are some of the highest paying job opportunities for certified data analytics professionals.



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