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AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting (CAD) software application by Autodesk that is used by drafting professionals to create models while adhering to specific drawing standards such as ANSI and ISO. It is used by engineers to document the contours of the land and placement of landmarks. It allows them to create mechanical simulations of designs for stress analysis and testing for interference between parts. AutoCAD certification is an industry-recognized credential by Autodesk that validates professionals’ skills and knowledge of the tool and leads them to enhanced academic success, accelerated professional development, improved productivity, and increased credibility. AutoCAD Online Training help interested candidates acquire the desired expertise in the latest Autodesk technology.

AutoCAD Online Training

Autodesk certification such as AutoCAD proves one’s knowledge of an incredibly useful tool for their professional future. AutoCAD is the leading designing software that specializes in design for the architectural, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and digital media markets. With the increasing popularity of this advanced designing software among industries, learning AutoCAD is a must for anyone who aspires to start a career in any of these industries. Individuals who opt for the AutoCAD mechanical training program become an expert in drafting by the end of the program, as they learn to implement and administer the world’s leading drafting solution which is used across multiple design organizations around the world.

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AutoCAD online training helps aspiring drafters in getting acquainted with the mechanical CAD design. By covering the basics of mechanical engineering design, professionals get ready for a promising career in the mechanical engineering field. There are numerous career opportunities for professionals trained and certified in AutoCAD Mechanical. Some of the hottest job opportunities on the market for AutoCAD professionals are design engineer, technician, and draftsman in civil, furniture, and architecture industry.

Multisoft Virtual Academy offers AutoCAD piping online course that aims at engineering candidates who want to learn pipe designing or aspire to establish a career in this domain. Since it is an industry-recognized credential, AutoCAD certified professionals set themselves apart from the crowd by proving their expertise with the software. Companies appreciate and acknowledge employees who keep pace with the latest technologies, thus AutoCAD training and certification makes professionals extremely desirable.


Apart from the worldwide recognition, certified professionals also get to strengthen their existing skills and develop new skills through the course. It reflects their dedication and commitment towards their career which provides an advantage when being considered for a promotion or other career opportunities. At Multisoft, industry expert trainers, who have been in the industry for long and had gone through such training themselves, offer a variety of solutions to help participants prepare for certification, including study material, assessment tests, and e-learning access. In short, AutoCAD training helps professionals gain a competitive advantage and get ready for upcoming opportunities.


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