Cloud Career Building Up Momentum for New age IT Professionals

Companies globally are embracing Cloud technology, creating a wide base for certified individuals in IT space. Cloud Computing jobs have today become the most in-demand IT skills and they include the skills to manage Big Data, or to plunge deeper in Security roles. The sky is the limit for Cloud, as it provides ample opportunities for Developers, Architects, Data Scientists and many more. As the market is growing so are the growth opportunities. Several IT professionals are seen ditching the server for ambitions in cloud. Read on to know why.

Cloud: The Trending Trend

Professionals in IT have got a good reason to be optimistic about the future prospects. As per the numbers reported by Forbes, U.S. alone has 3.9 million jobs of Cloud Computing, with about 384,478 of them in IT. The industry has been witnessing the upward trend in the demand for Cloud professionals who have skills in Cloud Migration. If the figures revealed by the technical recruiters are to be believed, there are currently more than 100 jobs chasing each eligible candidate in the Cloud domain. The figure is predicted to even scale higher in the coming computing pay scale

Top Scorer Impacting Paychecks

Employers globally are ready to pay a premium for the skills in Cloud. A job search at any portal will give a detailed picture about the probable opportunities. The trends show that there are two options to break into Cloud Computing careers: IT professionals with specific Cloud skills and IT Admins with generalized know-how about Cloud concepts.

Expand your Learning Horizon and grab the skills

Honing up your skills for a long awaiting promotion at work, or to kick start a career in Cloud; building up on skills is the first prerequisite for a great Cloud career. One of the most important things to mind is that when it is Cloud, education never stops and boredom never creeps in. The first step is to find the best route which suits your career choice.

Take a peek at roles posted on portals and you will get an idea about the trending skills in the market. What positions are hitting the market? Which skills ensure a longer and steadier Cloud career?

Roles specific to Cloud Computing technologies are more in demand today. AWS skills lead the pack with a close competition from Google and Microsoft. Salesforce is one such Cloud-based CRM which has been seen as the driving factor in employees’ resume.

The best way to get a head start in the Cloud Career is to get started with two most sought after Cloud training courses – AWS Online Training and Salesforce Online Training.

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