Comparing MATLAB® and Python – All you need to Know

Currently, there is a huge discussion about MATLAB® and Python – which to choose between the two for scientific and mathematical computations, as both offers a variety of unique features.


This article will compare features of both MATLAB® and Python that would help organizations to decide between the two based on their requirements.

A close look at MATLAB® and Python



1. Uses end statements for indicating closure 1. Indent code blocks (indentation) are used which helps to define scope of a block.
2. Parentheses are used for function and method calls 2. Indexing and parentheses are done by using square brackets. Both are for method  and function calls
3. Learning and programming are simple 3. Learning and programming are simple for individuals who have some background of programming.
4. Uses Matrix as basic data element which helps for computational purposes. Arrays or matrices present in MATLAB® allow computation. Other built in operations include cross-products, determinants, dot-products, inverse matrices, etc. 4. Have to program to create Matrix as basic data element for computational purposes
5. Uses memory in a big scale for larger computational purposes 5. May not consume large memory for large computational purposes
6. Graphical interactive tools allow to plot data; change size; scales; colour, and other parameters to get graphical output. 6. In-built features are not present for creating graphical output. Programming has to be done for creating graphics. Graphical interactive tools can be created by programming.
7. Allows to add toolboxes which has its own functions 7. Programming allows to add features which has its own functions
8. While Loop not needed as two arrays combined makes only one command 8. While Loop can be used for repeating a process
9. MATLAB® provides a programming environment even though it is in not a programming language 9. It is a dynamic programming language
10. Can be used for scientific calculations; forecasting; analysis; mathematical computation, and many more work. 10. Can be used for scientific calculations; forecasting; analysis; mathematical computation, and many more work.
11. It includes a big standard library but less compared to Python. 11. It includes vast standard library; automated memory handling, and dynamic type system.
12. MATLAB® small code is easier to understand but long codes may be difficult to understand 12. Python small and hard codes are easier to understand if programming knowledge is solid
13. Contains a tons of in-built features 13. Programming is needed to create features
14. Its toolbox is a licensed version 14. It is an open source application
15. Allows object-oriented programming 15. Allows object-oriented programming
16. Allows to search a list of folders 16. Allows to search within folders
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