Do’s and Don’ts while filling a PMP® Application?

Filling up an application is the most important step towards the PMP® Certification journey. The PMP® application is a very simple yet detailed document. But if you pay attention to fill the Project Management Experiences correctly, chances are you will get it right in the very first shot.

PMP Application Form

The First Step: A PMP® in making

If you are heading to fill the application for PMP® Certification, make sure you have 4500 hours experience in leading and directing the project along with a four year degree which consists of 16 years of education. In case you do not have a bachelor’s degree, the work requirement increases to 7500 hours of leading and directing the Project.

Points to Consider:

  • Give a Title to each project and describe your role in the same.
  • Calculate the hours spent on each project manually.
  • Clearly specify the time allocation of the following five areas:
    1. Initiation: This is usually the first step and involves the initiation of a project.
    2. Planning: Being a critical activity, it entails a broader scope as it requires the Mangers to come up with the detailed scope statement, work breakdown, task allocation and planning.
    3. Execution: Next in line is the execution of the streamlined activities for Project Delivery.
    4. Controlling and Monitoring: The step is all about working in synchronization of the planning chart along with some scope of Change management.
    5. Closing: The step of final learning and documentation of all the outcomes.
  • Do not repeatedly Save and Amend the online application as it can send alert to PMI® for audit.
  • As PMI® strongly advocates work-life balance, it only recognizes 40 hours for a week of work.
  • Mention the references of your supervisors of each project.
  • PMI® website usually stores the data for 90 days and after that it is deleted from the server. Make sure to download and save your form for future reference.
  • Make payment of the PMI® Examination fee and check for the email to the registered email.
  • On the successful submission of the application, a candidate has to wait for around a week to get approval from PMI®.

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