ForgeRock Certification Training opens a plethora of job options

Identity Cloud is a customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution that helps companies in improving and scaling identity. This AI-driven platform is highly scalable and enables the companies in providing an exceptional level of user experiences. ForgeRock® has 1,300 enterprise customers, including GEICO, BBC, BMW, Maersk, Philips, Standard Chartered, and Toyota. Featured with AI and advanced cloud architecture, this software solution is blessed with the capacity to manage, secure and govern all identities at internet scale. The healthcare sector is greatly benefitted from this all-inclusive AI-driven platform. It is ideal to improve identity, governance, and access management. ForgeRock Training will help you to leverage the latest digital identity technologies to support healthcare transformation. This course offers a plethora of job options to certified professionals. Here we go with some of the leading job positions. 

  • Identity & Access Management Engineer – L3 – Forgerock
  • Forgerock/Okta /Saviynt Developer – Senior Associate
  • ForgeRock OpenIDM
  • IAM – ForgeRock Lead
  • Forgerock Developer
  • Forgerock Developer – Openam
  • ForgeRock Access Management Application Lead
  • IAM Forgerock Implementation Lead
  • Senior iAM Developer – ForgeRock Module
  • Technical Architect – ForgeRock

As an aspirant, you need to have earned the ForgeRock Product Essentials Library course. The ForgeRock Product Essentials Library course is a combination of four courses. ForgeRock Identity Cloud Training Course is designed to give overall knowledge of Utilizing Placeholder Attributes, Synchronizing Identities from External Resources, Exploring the User Journeys, Modifying the User Journeys, Configuring Users Self-Service, Getting Access to Identity Cloud, Accessing Your CloudShare Lab Environment, Defining Applications, and Managing Identities. In the successful completion of this course, you will be able to manage the onboarding of users by importing bulk identities, importing bulk identities and synchronising identities, describing the features and benefits of Identity Cloud, synchronizing identities between Identity Cloud and external resources, creating new user journeys to support end-users in performing self-service with Identity Cloud, describing the use cases and CloudShare lab environment, and successfully manage an Identity Cloud environment.

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