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Microsoft Azure is actually a set of cloud services which is designed to enable the companies to build, manage and deploy applications on global networks. Highly scalable and ideal to meet the changing demands across the IT industries, this technology helps the organizations with various scales in dealing with the hurdles and challenges. If you use it, your organization will be able to focus on business growth without worrying about in-house capabilities or maintaining over-taxed equipment. Technology giant Microsoft® introduced it to help the technology world in fulfilling their diversified Cloud Computing needs. Many Azure courses are there that are delivered online. You should browse and pick a course if you want to identify and describe common Azure practices and create a virtual machine with the use of the Azure management portal. Multisoft Virtual Academy is a globally acknowledged training company which has gained popularity by providing Learn Azure online. Here we go with some of the course provided by this training company.

Learn Azure Online Training
Learn Azure Online Training

If you want to master Azure Services and learn how to construct Azure Virtual Machines, how to host Web Applications in Azure, how to deal with Virtual Machine Configuration Management, how to migrate Data to Azure SQL Databases, how to build High Performance Applications using ASP.NET, or how to modify the Application Virtual Machine into a Web Server, we suggest you to earn the Developing Microsoft® Azure Solutions Online Certification Training. This Azure online training is ideal for the candidates who have enough knowledge in the development approaches, techniques, and tools for building application solutions.

Azure Platform as a Service – Web and API Application Deployment is another reliable online training solution for you if you want to learn how to deliver high-bandwidth content with Azure CDN and Akamai, how to develop databases with Azure Table Storage, how to manage and scale multiple databases with Azure SQL Elastic, and how to discover enterprise data assets with Azure Data Catalog. It is ideal for the IT admins and cloud developers who would like to develop their clouds following the Platform as a Service model with Azure.

AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Online Training is another course which has gained attention in recent times. To earn this online training, you are supposed to carry strong skills in scripting and automation, and in-depth understanding of networking, virtualization, and cloud N-tier architecture. A familiarity with Microsoft Azure products and services, cloud capabilities, and other Microsoft products and services will give you an extra edge in pursuing this course. However, we would suggest this Azure training for you if you are a developer, Database Administrator, or Windows Server Administrator and want to evaluate creating Azure solutions. The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training & Certification will develop an in-depth understanding of cloud computing, Azure, and Azure subscriptions and the ability to create Azure Virtual Network.

About the Author: Rajib Kar has been working as an IT professional for a long time. The technical content developer at Multisoft Virtual Academy loves to write about the industry requirements and recent developments of corporate training programs.

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