Hadoop and CBAP – the Data Analytics Certifications that Will Pay Off

Data Analytics is one of the booming career fields that have immense career opportunities and growth. There are multiple certifications that fall under the Data and Analytics category, but here we are focusing on two major certifications i.e Hadoop and CBAP. Either through data analytics certification courses or any other resources, building skills and earning these certifications will surely pay off


So, Let’s get started.

Hadoop – Big Data

Hadoop is an open-source software framework that performs data analytics operations like data storage and processing of big data sheets. It is a Java programming based solution that works in a distributed computing environment. The certifications on Hadoop either for Hadoop Developer or Hadoop Administrator, paves a way to catch better career opportunities. Once the aspipring candidates receive the Hadoop certification after sitting for the concerned exam, they can use it as a validation of their skills and knowledge. Being certified Hadoop professionals, they will always be a step ahead from those lacking skills and certification.

Who should go for this?

If you have a basic knowledge of UNIX, SQL and Python programming language, you can go ahead for the Hadoop Developer certification.

However, being a development domain Big Data professionals, Java Developers, and Architects, can also apply for the certification to enhance their skills.

CBAP – Certified Business Analysis Professional

CBAP is Certified Business Analysis Professional and the CBAP certification is a credential that validates the skills and knowledge of the candidate. The CBAP certification is aligned as per the guidelines that BABOK V3 provides. Here BABOK V3 is a core-product of IIBA that defines the skills and responsibilities that a Business Analysis Professionals must have. CBAP is the third level of certification that IIBA offers.

The other levels are the

ECBA: Newly launched entry level certification

CCBA: The Level 2 certification for BA

CBAP: The one we are talking about

CBATIL: Expert level certification for the advanced BA professionals

You can easily prepare for CBAP by choosing the CBAP course among the available data analytics courses provided by training centers.

Who should go for CBAP certification?

The certification demands higher level of expertise, so the one who has experience in the following domains can go for the certification:

  • Business Analysis
  • Systems Analysis
  • Process Improvement
  • Consulting
  • Process Improvement
  • Requirements Analysis

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