How beneficial is 24/7 Self-Paced Training to the IT Professionals?

The annual worldwide growth rate of self-paced learning during 2012 to 2016 is around 7.9%. It has been predicted that the growth rate will be tremendous during the forth-coming years. Self-Paced training is made possible world-wide using the Learning Management Systems (LMS). Web-based applications or software applications are the LMS that are used to delivery appropriate resources and content to the learners. The self-paced online course content provided by LMS are 24/7. Enroll in Self-Paced Learning to reap its benefits.

Self-Paced Training

Benefits of 24/7 Self-Paced Training

  • Centralized Learning:

The source of learning provided by the 3600 LMS is centralized. The online training, assessments, feedback reports, etc. provided to the candidates are from the same source, which can be assessed by many users at any point of time. The system shows great accuracy and consistency in rendering the feedback to the participants. The participants have the flexibility to customized their training modules.

  • Pacing at the learner’s speed:

Each learner has different pacing, where few can learn at a quick pace while others at a comparatively lower pace. In Self-Paced Training, the learners can take up training at their own pace. If the participant wants to go over the content one more time, he/she can do it very easily.

  • Delivers Engaging and Motivating Training:

If learning is an important process in the training, the next immediate and important thing is retention. The self-paced training helps the participants with engaging and motivating learning, using which participants can easily learn and retain course content. The visuals, simulated environment, mock tests, assessments, etc. make the training more engaging. The training fights back the monotonous training and renders a collaborative training.

  • Streamlined Training Process:

The self-paced training provides a streamlined training process where participants can manage, schedule their own training programs. They can take up the assessments whenever possible. After taking the tests, they can generate reports, track progress and find out their current knowledge level.

As the self-paced training are highly beneficial to IT professionals, many have started to enroll to these training’s. The SPVC training provided by Multisoft are RHCSA®, CBAP®, Salesforce®, CAPM® etc. For more details refer to Multisoft Virtual Academy.

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