How to Get 8051 Microcontroller Programming Online Training

If you are interested in learning microcontroller programming, you must be aware that a microcontroller is a small computer based on one circuit chip. It is integrated by metal-oxide-semiconductor. Microcontrollers are embedded (fixed) within devices for controlling and are thus called embedded controllers.  Microcontrollers are responsible for taking control and sending signals to various parts of a device. Let’s take an example of a microcontroller in TV, that takes inputs from remote and delivers the output on TV screen. Now that you have a basic idea of what microcontrollers do, it is also important to understand that Microcontrollers rely on RAM and ROM of a device to function accurately. While RAM helps in storing data and results of tasks performed by a microcontroller; ROM stores special tasks it performs.

8051 microcontroller is a microcontroller designed by Intel in 1981. Built with 40-pin DIP (dual inline package), 2 16-bit timers, a RAM and ROM of 128 bytes and 4 kb storage respectively; 8051 microcontroller is programmable and addressable as required. The microcontroller is used in various industries including automobile, space, aeronautics, robotics, defense application, electronics, rail transport, mobile communications, medical applications and industrial processing. Renowned companies associated with these industries are regularly in search of freshers and working professionals who have the knowledge and skills related to microcontroller 8051.

You can learn programming Microcontroller 8051 Online Training easily at Multisoft Virtual Academy. The 18-hour training is carefully designed and structured to meet international industry standards and help to work you to stand apart from the neck-to-throat competition you face from professionals with equivalent educational qualifications and work experience. You may take the training if you are an:

  • Individuals having BE, B. Tech. or M. Tech. degree in various electronic, electrical, mechatronics and IT fields.
  • Candidate having an M. Sc. degree in Electronics, Instrumentation, CS or Physics along with specialization in Electronics.
  • Working professional having good knowledge in C programming.
  • Individuals with a diploma degree in ECE, ETCE or CSE.

Training for Microcontroller 8051 programming online course is conducted by a team of certified trainers who are highly experienced and have completed training more than 1000 students in the course. Trainers at Multisoft are also your mentors who offer professional support, guidance, exam preparation tips and interview questions from time to time. The course is designed to deliver you the knowledge of further topics:

Module 1

  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • Introduction to 8051
  • Introduction to KEIL AuVision IDE
  • Introduction to Proteus Simulator

Module 2

  • Inside 8051
  • GPIO (General Purpose Input Output)
  • Port Programming

Module 3

  • LED Interfacing
  • Switch Interfacing
  • Keypad Matrix Interfacing
  • LED Matrix Interfacing
  • Seven Segment Interfacing

Module 4

  • LCD Interfacing
  • Motor Interfacing
  • Relay Interfacing
  • IR – Sensor Interfacing

Module 5

  • Timer/ Counter
  • Serial communication (UART)
  • Interrupts

Module 6

  • Inter-integrated Circuit (IIC)
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

The training at Multisoft Virtual Academy is never limited to theoretical knowledge. You are offered a set of 2 online assessments and several projects that help you to gain deeper understanding and firm grip of the courseware. Moreover, 5 online quizzes are conducted to help you analyze your knowledge and skills related to the embedded controller.

Online training is joined by aspirants from all across the globe belonging to different time zones. Also, as a working professional, you may find it difficult to manage your work schedule and training sessions. The course thus offers flexible timing to allow you to customize the date, time and duration of training sessions as per your convenience.

You will be offered 24×7 access to recorded training sessions which helps you to revise the course anytime and anywhere they want. A lifetime access to digital learning material helps you to use the training resources for future reference.

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A training certificate will be awarded to you after completing the online training for 8051 microcontroller programming. You may use this training certificate to validate your skills, strengthen your resume and gain career opportunities the embedded controller offers.

About the Author: Bhumika Gupta is a seasoned Technical Content Writer and Content Developer and has been awarded a National Certificate for her writings. She is keenly interested in the training sector and is currently working as a Senior Content Writer at Multisoft.

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