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With the growing popularity of computers and the visible movement of the world of technology, AI has emerged as one of the most popular terms globally. It is the intelligence presented and demonstrated by the machines. It was introduced to reduce the probability of human error and drive operational accuracy in organizations. This technology has transformed the manufacturing and recruitment process in multinational companies. Go for it if your company deals with pattern identification, facial recognition, digital content analysis, academic research, health sciences, and enhanced capabilities. Let’s get inside the world of AI along with its types. 

Artificial Intelligence Online Training
  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence
  • Artificial General Intelligence
  • Artificial Superintelligence

Artificial Narrow Intelligence is widely known as Weak AI or Narrow AI. It is weaker than the human as it is blessed with a narrow range of capabilities. This type does not mimic or replicate human intelligence. Email spam filters, disease prediction tools, social media monitoring tools, drone robots, and manufacturing robots are some prevalent examples of narrow AI. Artificial General Intelligence has equal capabilities to humans. It is popularly known as strong AI or Deep AI. General AI can think, understand, and act in a way that is indistinguishable from a human in any given situation. Artificial Super intelligence is the situation when the machines become self-aware and surpass the intelligence of humans. Interestingly, this type doesn’t mimic or understand human intelligence. 

  • It removes the decision-making hierarchy
  • It bots allow the enterprises to compare their competitors 
  • It atomizes the recruitment process
  • It revolutionizes the manufacturing sector 
  • It enables the companies to make decisions based on your customer feedbacks and reviews
  • It allows the companies to increase productivity and sales percentage 

AI instructor-led training is ideal for those professionals who have basic knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science. Go for a training company that is certified and carrying at least 10 years of work experience! Learn Artificial Intelligence Online and get inside the world of robots! It will give you a successful yet sustainable career. A working professional or passed-out graduate is eligible to attend this certification if he/she is interested in learning artificial intelligence, machine learning, or deep learning. This online course highlights the areas such as AI building, AI installation, playing with AI, Q-Learning Intuition, Deep Q-Learning Intuition, Building a Self-Driving Car, etc. 

Multisoft Virtual Academy is actively engaged in providing practical hands-on training with an efficient team of industry experts/subject matter experts. It offers an industry-based curriculum to aspirants and is carrying a proven training experience of 800 plus courses. We are driven by the experience of training lakhs of working professionals and blessed with the latest curriculum. Since its establishment, it has been our top priority to deliver hands-on knowledge of Artificial Intelligence online certification with interactive learning sessions.

About the Author: Rajib Kar, who finds reading and writing therapeutic, is a technical content writer in Multisoft. An avid blogger, he has worked in various IT companies that provide employee training to develop employability-skill and workplace-based attitude. This content marketer usually writes about the recent developments of corporate and industrial training. 

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