Know the steps to become a certified System Administrator to work in RHEL environment

In order to demonstrate your core system administration skills required to work in the Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® environment, you need to earn the credential for RHCSA. A good RHCSA online training can help you pass the Red Hat Certified System Administrator Exam (EX200), in order to earn this credential.rhcsa This training imparts important skills to you in a very gentle manner and just with a prior knowledge of networking fundamentals, you will understand about Linux system administration.

After learning all the valuable skills, you are required to undertake the RHCSA exam EX200, which is a performance-based evaluation test. It is a two and a half hours practical exam in which you will be asked to perform certain tasks related to actual work scenario. Once you successfully pass this exam by showing your system administration skills, an RHCSA certification is earned.

Knowing about the steps you need to follow in order to get certified, another thing that is considered important is how to prepare for the certification. Being one of the most valued certifications in the system administration domain, RHCSA certification needs intensive preparation. The best way to prepare for this exam is through RHCSA training online. This training explains you how to operate running systems start and stop virtual machines, configure local storage with the use of partitions, etc. This online training is considered ideal for:

  • Individuals who have experience in system administration tasks in the Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® environment
  • Candidates who have already attended the Red Hat® System Administration I and II training
  • IT professionals who aim to become Red Hat® Certified Engineers (RHCE)
  • The RHCEs who are non-current, or those who are soon to become non-current and want to get re-certified as RHCEs…. Read More


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