Know the techniques of automating repetitive task through Macros online training

Doing a repetitive task again and again, every day, can be very monotonous. Think about a way to automate such tasks that can save you from boredom and will also save your time. The solution to this is ‘macro’, a single instruction that runs in Microsft Excel environment and help you automate your routine tasks. A Macros online training provides a solid foundation in Excel VBA. Through this training, you will get completely acquainted with the basics of macros and not only this, you will also be able to create your own macros and edit them according to your need. Macros-online-training Hands-on sessions are also conducted during the training that helps the participants to develop programs following the concepts of life cycle of programming  and object-oriented programming.

You will be able to perform the following tasks by the end of the training:

  • Understand what macros can do for you
  • Learn the skills to Run and Record macros
  • Test a macro in step mode
  • Create a Personal Macro Workbook
  • Join two macros
  • Expand a macro with statements
  • Use loop structures
  • Streamline macros
  • Use absolute and relative references

The use of macros and VBA allows the user to perform all the complex and tedious functionalities of Microsoft Excel very simply and precisely. Whether it is to create a spreadsheet, compute large amounts of data on a regular basis and perform other common commands, macros can help you do all that in a matter of seconds. The Macros training online course includes all the important topics Macro Introduction, Introduction to Flow Chart & Diagram, Getting Started with VBA, Operators, Data Types & Variables, Conditional Statement, Loop Statement, Advance VBA Programming, etc. Those who aspire a career as data analysts, report creators and decision makers, this training is apt for them. Read More

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