Learn advanced data analytic skills by enrolling in the SAS online training

Statistical Analysis System, abbreviated as SAS®, is a collection of software developed for advanced analytics, data management, and business intelligence. In learning SAS and building a career in this field, a SAS online training plays a major role. This training is a combination of both base and advanced SAS and along with providing you a basic understanding of SAS also conjointly show you the way it is utilized for data analysis. SAS has been advanced as one of the best business intelligence tools which can perform even complex tasks associated with data analytics with great ease. SAS-online-trainingThis training provides you with the abilities needed for performing these tasks by implementing the advanced analytic techniques. This online training proves beneficial for the candidates by making them an expert in SAS programming, and promises the following skills in the candidate:

  • Controlling SAS® data set input and output
  • Performing Do loop and SAS® array processing
  • Transforming character, numeric, and date variables
  • Solving complex problems using advanced DATA step programming statements
  • Writing SAS® Macro code and programs
  • Using conditional logic in the Query Builder in order to create new columns multiple value prompts
  • Using functions in order to convert the data type from character to numeric and vice-versa

Individuals who have a keen interest in business analytics and data mining, and those who aims to build a proficiency in data manipulation techniques can enroll themselves in the SAS training online. This training provides profound comprehension ranging from base to advanced levels of SAS data concepts and also prepares the candidates for the two different certification exams, namely:

  • SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS® Version 9
  • SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS® Version 9

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