Learning Data Science: Future of AI and Beyond

Data begins to attract the interest of many individuals right from schooling. Generally associated with statistics because of its name, Data Science is rather a larger, more complex concept of combining scientific methods, processes and algorithms to gain knowledge from structured and unstructured data. You’ll be able to understand better about Data Science by understanding its need. In the beginning, the amount of data companies generated was limited; but as the time changes, generation of more data demanded more space, along with the need for it to be systematically structured and organized. Lets’ say for example companies needed to maintain the records of expectations, requirements and opinions of their customers to improve the future experience. Thus, to fulfil such requirements it was developed.

Data Science
Data Science

In present times, Data Science is being considered to be the future of Artificial Intelligence. To help you understand this better let’s take an example of Self-driven cars that will be developed using AI and operated with Data Science. How? Well, the cars will gather data such as traffic conditions, signals, turns to evaluate the speed and direction in which they have to move to reach the destination safely at the shortest time period.

The important role Data Science performs in maintaining data and successful application of AI makes it an important part of various industries such as finance, healthcare, travel, energy, manufacturing, gaming and pharmaceuticals. The technology is used by renowned companies like Accenture, Roche, PayPal, Deloitte, Uber and Intel. If you are keenly interested in Data Science and have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in IT, mathematics, computer science, physics and any other field related to the industry, you can become a data scientist. Working professionals having experience in relevant industries can also seek a career in Data Science. You can earn an annual salary of up to $185,000 by becoming a Data Scientist.

Thanks to online training offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy, learning science of data has now become much more convenient and flexible without compromising with the quality of training provides. The online training platform renders Data Science course that meets international industry standards and helps individuals and corporate companies to stand apart from the neck-to-throat competition they face in the market.

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The 24 hours online training is conducted under the guidance of a team of a certified expert who has been providing training for many years and has completed training 2300+ learners in Data Science online certification course. Aspirants are given 24×7 and lifetime access to e-learning material as well as recorded sessions so that they can revise their course content while pursuing the course and for future reference.

The course lays out in-depth knowledge and skills of various Data Science topics such as:

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Basic Data Manipulation using R
  • Machine Learning Techniques Using R Part-1
  • Machine Learning Techniques Using R Part-2
  • Machine Learning Techniques Using R Part-3
  • Introduction to Hadoop Architecture
  • Integrating R with Hadoop
  • Mahout Introduction and Algorithm Implementation
  • Additional Mahout Algorithms and Parallel Processing using R

Being a working professional, if you find it difficult to manage time between your work schedule and training sessions, flexible schedule makes it all sorted. You can customize the date, time and duration of training sessions as per your convenience.

You might have come across individuals who took some training online but faced problems getting their course validated. Training certificate given by Multisoft Virtual Academy after completing the this course eradicates this issue. You may use the training certificate to validate your skills, strengthen your resume and grab the career opportunities for this offers. The online training platform guarantees best quality education with incredible features at unbelievably friendly pricing.

About the Author: Bhumika Gupta is a seasoned Technical Content Writer and Content Developer and has been awarded a National Certificate for her writings. She is keenly interested in the training sector and is currently working as a Senior Content Writer at Multisoft Virtual Academy.

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