MS Dynamics CRM 2016: What’s New?

Today, Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management)products are a part of business as usual. These tools facilitate automation in a single experience, by eradicating the need to launch various applications or switch amongst multiple. Businesses deployed with MS Dynamics CRM have seen up to 30% increase in lead conversion and so forth hike in sales.The benefits are huge, and it is really about optimally utilizing all. This is technological innovation, which gains value when we frequently see something new! So, here we are to talk about what’s new in MS Dynamics CRM!

MS Dynamics CRM 2016

  • The first and most talked of features is Excel Integration

There is no more need to export data to MS Excel from the CRM. Users, mostly from the sales teams, can now easily perform calculations, manage forecast etc., with the integrated Excel feature in MS Dynamics CRM.

  • The 2016 release also facilitates one to track Outlook Users can now read E-Mails, add contacts, or create new records for easy tracking of emails through varied devices.
  • Delve functionality has been introduced that makes it easier for individuals to have relevant content around them. Delve is powered by Office Graph and enables users to find information that could increase their opportunities. For instance, users who wish to see popular presentations or proposals can set preferences accordingly.
  • Now documents are accessible within the tool. Users can open MS Word documents, PowerPoint presentations etc., and click the Back Button to return to the CRM tool, anytime.
  • Sales team members can now more easily generate personalized documents. The updated CRM tool is integrated with One Drive that eradicates the need to copy data to MS Word. MS Dynamics CRM 2016 smartly automates core sales tasks like account summaries, product sheets, invoices etc.
  • The updated Cortana Integration embeds sales activities and opportunities that surfaces users with information that is most relevant for them. The Cortana Analytics Suite enables advanced analytics and data management to allow the sales team to better predict their customers’ needs.
  • Mobility, by far the most important aspect today, is also taken care of in CRM 2016. In the new version, users get complete offline capabilities on Smartphones and tablets. They can also create task-based sales apps that allow them to perform activities on the go.
  • Customer service is another important element in the latest version. Making the platform more customer-centric, MS Dynamics CRM 2016 allows for assisted service, self-service, and field service to improve client satisfaction.

Whilst being a boon for Sales teams that can now more seamlessly manage their daily operations, MS Dynamics CRM 2016 is overall a great innovation. Apart from all that we talked about above, CRM 2016 provides support for SMS marketing; allows businesses to conductclient surveys; detects leads from social engagement channels; and lets external parties fetch data from the tool. There is also increased acceptability in terms of bulk data upload with the help of a new Bulk Data Loader tool.

Why were these updates required?

All these updates and improvisations have been introduced with the sole aim of helping businesses find customer management easier and raising the client satisfaction standards. This has been immensely possible as Microsoft focused on introducing single experience features that reduce the need of switching from platform to another. Market studies reveal that there is a 40% reduction in the final output when users are required to switch between programs and apps. As most of the updates in MS Dynamics CRM 2016 reduce or nullify this requirement, an increase in overall productivity and customer satisfaction is bound to happen.

Acceptability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform in the Market

There are currently over 4 million usersof MS Dynamics CRM, and that speaks enough of its acceptability industry-wide. Reports state that Microsoft’s CRM domain has witnessed double digit growth in 38 quarters, in addition to having seen a fast release adoption rate of 93%.

These statistics confirm that Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is the present and future. Attending a formal training program is thus need of the hour. The training will not only equip individuals with deploying the CRM tools, but also take them a step ahead by preparing them for Microsoft’s certification exams.

What most aspirants get confused with is the need of training and certification. While training is required to set the basics right, an authorized certification lets you demonstrate your skills. Enrolling in a program with an institute that gives both of these is critical and time taking. So gear up for the decision now!

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