Online Learning Results Similar to Classroom Outcomes!

Classroom versus e-learning – Is that the question? There is an ongoing dialogue about the effectiveness of online education over classroom training. Well, most people say that online training can never be as good, successful or engaging as classroom. Critics of online education system go on to proclaim that under such an environment students are exposed to an inferior education platform as compared to the traditional in-class instruction. Learning outcomes in relation to the impacts of learning environment has been explored by variegated educational specialists and researchers. To get on the degree path that’s right for you is, undeniably, a big decision for many! It is nothing that should be taken lightly. Inexorably the discussion and argument lies on the parameter that how custom content is crafted and made available for the candidates.

Web-based technicalities and methodology has significantly transformed the learning and teaching environment. While proponents of online learning suggest that online platform can potentially be effective in eliminating the barriers; thereby, providing flexibility, increased convenience, customized learning over the traditional face-to-face learning; opponents are concerned that the students enrolled for online system of education feel more isolated, frustrated or even confused; thereby, squeezing up their interest in subject study and learning.

Below sections are some of the highlights that propagate the key differences of the learning systems and how the effectiveness of both practices has a similar kind of impact on students:


Social and communicative interaction is, undeniably, an important component of classroom learning between student and teacher, or even between student and student. Face-to-face traditional learning system instigates the process of interaction through conversation, discussions, and debates among students and between instructors and students that a new concept is framed, an old assumption is dared and an original idea is framed and encouraged. On the other hand, online training platform substitute classroom substitutes classroom interaction with discussion boards, electronic bulletin boards, synchronous chat, and e-mails. Moreover, you are provided with the benefit of interacting with the instructor while live-online discussions and hence, the effectiveness of such a virtual interactive venue stands no less than classroom interactions.

Online vs Classroom Learning


The idea of student performance is a multi-dimensional concept that includes successful completion of the course, added knowledge, grades, and skill building. But now the research and exploration is to be conducted on the basis of two different modes of interaction. Research studies and survey analysis made by McLaren (2004) illustrate that there are noteworthy differences between the two instructional modes but no significant performance differences were noted as the final grades were measured. In different academic curriculum, comparable performance findings were identified and announced. Comparing both classroom and online training it is observed that students who previously have been successful academically can perform just as well with a classroom learning approach as can students in an e-learning course.

As per the research and statistics figured in the report, “Interactive Learning Online at Public Universities: Evidence from Randomized Trials,”; it was noted that students who utilize interactive live-online training solutions or e-learning access produce better, or equivalent, results as the students enrolled for participating in face-to-face education system. While the group analysis of student’s performance takes place in the traditional classroom learning panorama, online mode of education provides you individual rate card for self-analysis. Despite the proliferation of literature, performance analysis for both traditional face-to-face as well as online learning platform is directly proportional to the student’s way of adapting and learning the courseware.


The basic objective of this study is to demarcate the level of student performance in online as well as traditional classroom training in terms of efficacy, research methods, and level of interaction & grade cards. In order to ensure analogous learning experience across the two modes of teaching, the structure as well as content of both the classes is significantly designed to remain as similar as possible.

Below table illustrates the observed and expected frequencies for student grades bifurcated on the basis of training/learning platforms they adapted. Based on the analysis taken down by Naspaa, we can support the hypothesis that learning effectiveness is independent of the mode of instruction.

Average Analysis of Student Grades

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