PeopleSoft Suite for Handling Various Business Requirements

PeopleSoft was founded in 1987 by Ken Morris and Dave Duffield with an aim of providing the client/server applications to serve the users. PeopleSoft is now owned by the Oracle® Corporation since 2005, however the product line of PeopleSoft remains the same. Oracle’s® PeopleSoft applications handle the complicated business needs by availing leading industry solutions.


Range of Solutions under PeopleSoft Suite

Oracle® PeopleSoft offers a wide range of product solutions. Let’s get an insight into the solutions provided:

  • Human Capital Management: Oracle’s® PeopleSoft HCM help the users to lay down a foundation for Human Resource data and refined business processes. It imparts information about maintaining the data permission security and the employment history of workers. HCM provides a resilient set of solutions which are best-in-class HR services that increase the productivity in return and bring down the costs.
  • Financial Management: Oracle’s® PeopleSoft Financial Management gives an advantage by providing unbeatable financial solutions and manages financial processes. It helps in meeting the financial and statutory needs along with making the business related information more visible.
  • Supplier Relationship Management: Oracle’s® PeopleSoft SRM is an integrated suite of procurement applications that keep an eye on cutting the supply management costs. It streamlines the procure-to-pay processes, lower downs the amount spent on goods and services, and drive policy compliance.
  • Supply Chain Management: Oracle’s® PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management helps in synchronization of supply chain activities by regulating customer orders from start to end including efficiencies in cost savings during the entire supply chain. It also helps in managing the inventory at various warehouse areas.
  • Enterprise Service Automation: ESA applications helps project-centric enterprises to build a base for operational processes supporting the management of integrated project lifecycle that includes the project selection, planning and organization, execution of tasks, cost related facts, and final analysis. It administers the users with accurate project activities so they can choose and prioritize the projects and assign right resources for them.

Oracle® PeopleSoft is used globally by mid-sized organizations and large-scale enterprises and is successfully satisfying the needs of private and public sector industries. Aspirants willing to make career under PeopleSoft’s product solutions, can opt for a formal training and get a deep understanding of the topics.

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