Smooth execution of a project translates into business agility, but technology and business managers can’t just pull off the technological upgrades and business-changing initiatives simply through phone calls, meetings, or e-mails. They must have tools that are specifically designed and crafted for better Project Management—applications and services for capital planning, risk analysis, cost control, project tracking, and analytics. Case studies and research analytics proclaim that ineffective collaboration, skilled-labor shortage and demanding owners make successful project delivery challenging for engineering, architecture, and construction firms. While construction projects are becoming complex, skilled labor is in short supply and project lifecycles are lengthening – there stands a reason for bringing in a powerful enterprise project management solution!

Primavera P6 Training

Undoubtedly, there is a broad spectrum of variables involved in managing construction or engineering projects and implementing processes to improve the level of consistency across the board. Oracle has rolled out a broad series of upgrades and new applications for the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software – referred as a perfect business solution for projects of any size. Primavera, for more than 25 years, has helped engineering, architecture, and construction firms to effectively plan, initiate, manage, control and deliver the project within budget and on time. The solution enables Project Planners to gain more visibility throughout the project and program lifecycles, avoid costly surprises and eliminate inconsistent processes.


Construction and engineering market in present scenario is highly competitive – driving down the profit margins as risks increase. Being associated with a project-based organization that depends on the accuracy of decisions made each day – you need the best in-class project management solution that comes ahead with a competitive advantage. To help you profitably manage the engineering and construction business, Primavera stands ahead as the most specified project management solutions across the industry.

Managing a broad range of variables ranging from identifying and reducing risks to collaborating with multiple vendors – makes the process of executing projects on time and within budget difficult. An Oracle Solution for Engineering & Construction – Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) forms a complete suite of Project Portfolio Management (Primavera Unifier, P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and Primavera Analytics), and ERP that help you develop and adapt a smarter approach to Project Management; thereby delivering the best and optimum results. The rich & robust solution provides each stakeholder with a consolidated dashboard with tools that are exactly required for planning, controlling, managing, and delivering projects and programs. With the single, consistent interface; the functionality as well as the delivered content remains configurable for each member of the group – whether at the project or program level.

Project insights from EPPM systems should feed the interconnected systems; thereby, allowing complete visibility of all departments or organizations and enabling seamless collaboration among stakeholders. It is with consistent management processes in place that ensures enhanced visibility and collaboration for more predictable outcomes.

No matter what the size of the project is, Oracle’s Primavera Solution will:

Improve Coordination

What’s paramount to the success of any construction or engineering project is strong coordination between internal and external stakeholders. Henceforth, it is important to have a single source of documentation as a truth. Usage of updated information to make project decisions will impact scheduling, drain budgets and slow deliverability. Strong integration among the people working on the project and all systems from ERP to CRM and Knowledge Management must be completely integrated to deliver the functionality requirement of the project.

Tighten Control

Higher visibility forms the major secret to greater project. Potential issues get identified with a 360° insight into each process before they make an impact on project progress or profitability. Identify opportunities for greater efficiency and ensure that your project runs smoothly that drives project excellence. Complete visibility leads to complete control.

Increase Consistency

Accrediting you with the benefits of complete visibility, control and mastery of execution, a complete project management solution entertains a bundle of key activities that can be replicated or standardized. Get ready to deliver reliable project outcomes, take your organization to the level of efficiency and reduced project costs – while implementing consistent data-driven processes and bifurcating larger projects into simpler ones.


Report on the impact of Aging Infrastructure published on Oracle White Paper tells about 83 percent of respondents in the largest companies, who pointed that the loss of more than $10 billion or more in revenue is due to the risk of planning & operational failure. Poor project planning and due diligence ranked second in the survey, right behind insufficient funding. No matter what your profession is – whether you are an architect, an engineer, an owner, contractor or sub-contractor, relying on Primavera to deliver the most accurate information on the project won’t leave your heads down. It is through Primavera’s complete spectrum of client/server, desktop and browser-based solutions that the right information comes in our hand that is needed to make smarter business decisions and provide everyone with the complete information required to complete the project.

Oracle Primavera Training

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