Retirement time is near for BABOK® V2

According to a report by the BBC, the latest version of the BABOK® by IIBA is going to release in mid-April. However, the exam based on the latest version won’t be immediately in effect. Project Management Training and Certification Courses, it will come into effect at least six months after the release of a new version, i.e. BABOK® V3. Although, introduction of new version brings latest updates; it might not be of much benefit to the Business Analyst professionals preparing to take the CBAP exam based on BABOK® V2. Preparation for a CBAP certification is not an easy task, one needs to go through rigorous planning and training.

BABOK V2 Retiring

Hence, some of the disadvantages of BABOK® V3 from the perspective of a person, who is planning to undertake BABOK® V2 based CBAP exam, are:

  • More syllabus: With the new release, come new features, concepts, and enhancements. In short, you need to study more for getting a good score.
  • More cost: You have already bought study material, such as study guides or other preparatory stuff and preparing for them. Now, with the release of the latest version, you need to have the latest material for giving CBAP exam based on BABOK® V3.
  • More time: As already said that a good preparation consumes time. In case, if you are not giving CBAP exam now, then your CBAP title will once again go far from you because surely you will take some time to prepare as per the new version.
  • Outdated content: As soon as the new version releases, the BABOK® V2 will automatically become outdated and old. So, in order to preserve what you have learnt; take the CBAP exam as soon as possible.

However, you will be glad to know that the update of BABOK® versions from V2 to V3 only affects you if you delay taking the CBAP exam. Consider the scenario, where a person is having a vast experience as a Business Analyst (BA) and thinks of it a stable phase of the career. But, only experience does not help in climbing the growth ladder, in today’s world. If you wish to stand apart from the crowd and want to grow in a continuous manner, getting a CBAP title before your name is a primary requisite in the current competitive IT world. A certificate can serve as an evaluator and also speaks about your expertise as a Business Analyst.

So hurry before the time expires and enroll in a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) Training Course as soon as possible. Complete the CBAP Training and become eligible for the exam. Don’t let your experience and preparation go in vain. Multisoft Virtual Academy offers CBAP Online Training & certification to experienced BAs who want to attain an in-depth knowledge about business processes. After this training, the candidates are qualified enough to design business strategies using various business tools.

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