Role of Flowcharts in Business Processes using Macro and VBA Excel

Every Business has certain processes that need to be studied in an effective way and for this, one of the best and easy approach is to use flowcharts to study and analyze the business processes.



A flowchart is usually known as a graphical representation of a sequence displaying a logical set of information. It aids the users to provide the data in a common language using some defined reference points. It makes use of the geometric symbols connected by using the arrows for defining a relationship. Usually, a process is represented using a rectangle, decisions are denoted using a diamond, and a parallelogram is used to represent the I/O process. The Cloud symbol is used to denote the Internet.

Formats of Flowcharts

Flowcharts can be categorized under various formats as mentioned below:

Top-Down: It avails a detailed version of the information and is commonly used in showing the drill-down process map.

Linear: It is one of the easier ones and is used usually for the high-level process maps.

Cross-Functional: This is also called the swim-lane diagram and is used to represent the steps that are to be executed by various functional enterprises.

Why to use a flowchart?

Flowcharts have become an important part of the organization and has several benefits. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Graphical format representation makes it easier to read the information; even the users are not tech savvy.
  • It helps the users to document the processes to be used currently or in the future in a systematic manner.
  • It can be also used to provide data for other analysis techniques like in use cases.
  • It assists the teams to identify the potential issues that may arise during a project. Flowcharts break the processes and lead to providing solutions.
  • It serves as an important tool for training and communication purposes.

Hence, flowcharts are an important part of Excel sheets and are of great use in the organizations. They can be implemented effectively using the Macro and VBA Excel; not only this, but there are more features that can be learnt, by joining the Macro and VBA Excel online training course.

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