SAP® ERP-HR is Making it Easier to Handle Human Resource Management

We often get to hear the term Human Resource or the HR rounds to be conducted in the interview that leads to the finalization of future job opportunity in a particular company. Every company works with the help of its Human Resources that help them grow with time and gain success. For doing this, Human Resource Management is needed on a high node that can be done through various ERP software and one such software is SAP® ERP-HR that helps in effective HR Management. But, before knowing more about the software, let’s get an insight about Human Resource Management and its related components.


Human Resource Management

HRM or Human Resource Management can be defined as a process wherein organizations manage people in a structured manner. This involves hiring the people and their retention, pay and incentives, management in terms of performance and change. It also acts as a relationship bridge between the management and the employees.

Scope of HRM

The importance of HRM in every organization is increasing its scope on a wider scale; thus, helping in the management and development of employees. Human Resource Management is extensively reaching every field and marking its importance everywhere; hence, making its scope very huge. But, its scope cannot be covered under few words, however can be divided under three major categories defined as follows:

HRM in Personal Management: This involves manpower management with covering the areas like manpower planning and hiring as per the needs, training, and development followed by the induction and orientation procedure. It also includes the transfers, compensation, promotions, and employee productivity. The ultimate aim here is to focus on the growth and development of the individuals which at last, collectively affect the company’s growth.

HRM in Employee Welfare:  This includes the working environment and the facilities provided at the workplace. The services and responsibilities covered under this are health, safety, medical, welfare service, and social security. The appointment of safety officers who can make the working area worth for job by diminishing the workplace dangers is included here. Along with this, job security, cleanliness, medical care, machinery safeguard, top management support is covered under this scope of HRM. It identifies employees’ core needs and aims at completing them in order to provide welfare to the employees.

HRM in Industrial Relations: This is considered as one of the sensitive areas covered under HRM, as it includes a very fragile handling of issues with employee or labor unions, addressing their problems and settling down the issues by applying effective ways. The main aim to be kept in mind is the maintenance of harmony and peace in the organization. It is also widely known as the art of efficiently handling the disciplinary procedures and extracting the solution of problems with mutual consent for maintaining the effective workflow.

Using ERP software for effective Human Resource Management is the practice followed by many organizations. ERP has turned one of the powerful tools for businesses since a long time; hence, the experienced professionals having knowledge to use ERP are in high demand in industries.

The candidates willing to have expertise in handling ERP and maintaining HRM can opt for a formal training for the same. The SAP® ERP-HR online training at Multisoft Virtual Academy can be of prime importance to all the aspirants of making career in Human Resource Management.

The online training course involves 4 assignments and projects as well that can help the candidates to testify the knowledge imparted under training program. Also, the candidates have an option of choosing the customized batch timings as per their work schedules.

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