Securing the Business Value of BIG DATA with Hadoop Developer

BIG DATA has become quite a ubiquitous term lately. The heightening popularity across the channels, both online and offline can be credited to the evolving streams of unstructured data across heterogeneous platforms. The BIG DATA needs of many organizations have accelerated in the past years making a silent need of technologies like HADOOP to create big data value.

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Every organization might have different roles, functions and the philosophy they embed into its working architecture, but this is where the demands meet. Consequently, HADOOP has evolved to be a critical piece of modern day data architecture, tending magnanimous amount of data scattered across click stream data, social media activity, financial transactions, online purchases, videos and other web based information centers.

The Age of New Media

The ‘New’ media as we define it, shares some common attributes across sources, viz., Volume (size), Velocity (Speed) and Variety (type). Not very long before they were considered to be of low or medium value: too expensive to store and analyze. But HADOOP has been changing the game. Now these types of information have been charming the business marketability index, turning the wave from ‘data analytics’ to the pervasive ‘big data analytics’.

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Organizations are receiving enigmatic amount of data from every conceivable direction. This explosion of data isn’t new. The trend started in late 70s, what has changed now is the velocity as which it is accelerating. The next probable question that hits the common mind set, why these numbers are important for me. Businesses globally are harnessing the potential of this Big Data to multiply the outcomes and leaving behind the ones who don’t.

Each of these resourceful BIG Data sources has their own predominant importance area of significance which they deliver to strategic decision making. Let’s have a broader look at the science of BIG DATA.

Sentiment Data

The customers are talking. Maybe not to you physically but definitely on social websites and networking platforms. Customers are continuously reviewing you on Facebook and Twitter, sharing their experience via blog or may be uploading their videos.

The business of every business is to know the customer better and meet their demands admirably. Probably this is one of the major contributing factors that make a brand a winner. MakemyTrip lost a considerable amount of customer base due to the unsatisfactorily customer reviews on Facebook and Twitter. This is just an incident which exemplifies the importance of Sentiment data for business.

Sentiment Data is purely based on opinions and feelings of your customers and target audience. Hadoop with its Hadoop Distributed File System let you upload and store the data which can be analyzed via Pig and other methodologies.

Location Data

Global positioning Systems (GPS) became highly popular in 1990s. This lead to an evolution in the dynamics of Location sensing, making is more accurate and user friendly. Now smart phones can exactly transmit your location as per longitudes and latitudes. The logistics and other consumer driven companies are heavily using Hadoop and Big data to optimize their business potential exponentially.

Hadoop allows US Xpress, one of the leading trucking companies in United States, to store huge amount of location specific data for years. Their system Driver tech employs thousands of sensors to source data in Hadoop cluster. The technology is reported to save the company an unbelievable amount of $6 million in fuel and equipment, along with the added benefits such as savings from any unplanned activities like accidents and injuries.

Clickstream Data

Clickstream Data has evolved to be one of the major decision making tools for the new age Internet marketer. The Analysts review the data in terms of clicks, web page visits and reviews. Clickstream analysis provides insights on the consumer behavior and reveal how they search for products had the business and a brand rank when it comes to buying decision. Business Analysts have been using this data to optimize their page in likelihood that a visitor may learn about their offerings and eventually click the Buy button.

Along with Omniture and Google analytics, Hadoop is helping the companies to strategize their promotional activities and crowd their virtual shopping carts.

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