See what advantages a MATLAB online course can offer to you

MATLAB is a computer program that provides the user with a convenient environment for performing many types of calculations, scientific and engineering. Besides, it provides an effective way to solve differential equations that can be considered as quick and easy. A MATLAB online course provides you the proficiency required for working in the MATLAB environment. Learners who attend the MATLAB® online course will learn how to work with the user-friendly syntax of MATLAB® commands. matlabThis training familiarizes participants with Programming Basics, Mathematical Functions, Graphics, Graphical User Interface (GUI) Designing and Basics of SIMULINK. A person who is well-trained in MATLAB has the capability to:

  • Work in MATLAB® implementing the fundamentals of programming and complicated data structures, including matrices and arrays
  • Write scripts in MATLAB® and Perform symbolic calculations
  • Build MATLAB® GUI using the GUIDE tool
  • Create a GUI and provide interface between MATLAB® script and GUI
  • Work on plot designing and create 2D, 3D, and scientific data based plots
  • Use MATLAB® editor and debugger

MATLAB has also emerged as an important tool for performing data analysis and visualization tasks and is being adopted by several companies related to machine learning, signal processing, image processing, computer vision, robotics, etc. This has resulted in a huge demand of professionals who can work with MATLAB with great efficiency. And to gain a complete understanding of MATLAB it is very important for an individual to comprehend it right from the basics, which is possible with a good MATLAB training online. In addition to this, this training is also helpful in preparing the learner for the two different certifications offered by MATLAB: Certified MATLAB Associate and Certified MATLAB Professional. Earning this certification enhances your credibility and demonstrates your MATLAB expertise to your peers as well as your employer. This training is considered valuable for:

  • Students from third and fourth year of BE/B. Tech. courses (Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunication, Instrumentation, Electrical, Computer Science, IT, Chemical).
  • Working professionals from different technologies including embedded systems, chemical, control among others.
  • Professionals willing to develop MATLAB® skills in their related fields.

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