ServiceNow Interview Questions for 2022

ServiceNow is a cloud computing platform that helps businesses in managing their digital workflows for enterprise operations. It, an IT services management tool, is used to automate the organizational process and provide a consistent experience to its customers. The world of ServiceNow is made up of a long-range of IT services and their related branches. Its resources are used to design an enterprise’s process flow while giving bigger control to your organization.

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Question: What do you mean by the ‘Application’ in ServiceNow?

Answer: The packaged solution that is used for managing services and handling delivery processes of ServiceNow is known as the Application. Providing information about the modules is the work of the group of the modules. Basically, these groups of modules are the Application.

Question: What is CMDB and what is its full form?

Answer: CMDB is the abbreviation of Configuration Management Database. The work of this database is usually is for informational technology installations. It is informational technology installations’ warehouse. For all IT related services it acts as a database in a broader aspect. Go for ServiceNow Admin course to get a complete view of the warehouse management.

Question: Why is LDAP used for?

Answer: LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It is used for user authentication and user data. It automates the creation of roles and helps the management to assign those roles to the business users.

Question: How impersonating a user is useful for ServiceNow users? 

Answer: Providing the administrator access to the actual user is technically known as impersonating a user. ServiceNow, which is very helpful in testing, records the administrator activities when the user is impersonating another user. You can impersonate a user and can perform testing without logging out from your session if you want to check whether he/she is able to access the change form.

Question: What do you understand by the term “view”?

Answer: The group of arrangement of lists and forms is called views. Multiple views can be a part of a single form depending organizations and user’s requirements and different choices of their work types. However, online ServiceNow Admin training is designed to help you in cracking the interview.

Question: What do you understand by the term “Directory Override”?

Answer: The field of the parent table and extended table’s field is different and that needs to be defined. Directory Override has the ability to define and differentiate them easily. One example can be differentiating the task table from the incident table and also not affecting the values of change and task.

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