Software Testing Certification Course Guarantee You a Better Career with Multinational Companies

Multinational companies are looking for skilful software testing professionals for many reasons; which is why many professionals are enrolling for ISTQB Foundation Training Certification Course Online from Multisoft Virtual Academy. Wondering why companies want to hire skilled software testing professionals? Here are the reasons:

Here are four key benefits of software testing your team can’t afford to ignore.

1. Software development and implementation involve several stages. Each stage demands coordination and communication between multiple teams and every stage has a laundry list of ways that things could go wrong. Catching those problems once the software is already live is a nightmare. You have to handle PR while retaking employees to scramble and fix the problem. And in the meantime, your would-be customers can’t use your software. So, you’re not just losing money on the direct cost of fixing the software. You’re also losing money through lost potential transactions. Software testing allows you to catch problems early and fix them before they become PR disasters.

2. Software testing helps foster customer confidence and satisfaction. For instance, customers who have just downloaded a new software program, get error messages. Not only have they wasted money on a program that doesn’t work, but now they may not trust your services and waiting to take their business elsewhere. By investing in quality assurance early, you’re sending a message to your customers that you care about their experience. You want them to get everything they hoped for and more. And that message is critical in forming long-term customer relationships.

3. When your software fails, you’re not just sacrificing your customer experience. You’re also sacrificing software security. That means that every customer who uses your software has now put their data and systems at risk. With software testing, you can deliver a safe, trustworthy product to your customers from Day One. It protects their critical information, cements their trust, and reduces the risk of expensive embarrassments later on.

4. Software testing helps improve overall product quality. Companies may know the benefits of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), but they won’t invest in SaaS if the product is subpar. The simple fact is that your software needs to work. It has to be bug-free, low-risk, and effective at doing its job. You won’t know how good your product is until you test it. That way, you’ll know that you’re providing the best possible version of your software before it hits the market.

Want to develop software testing skills and knowledge? Enroll for ISTQB Foundation Training Certification Course Online from Multisoft Virtual Academy andget the opportunity to learn from Multisoft’s global subject matter experts. Enroll to avail perks like lifetime e-learning access, recorded training sessions, after training support and a globally recognized training certificate. 

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