Strategize your Project with Primavera® P6 Online Training

Primavera P6 is the most preferred software for Project Management. It is widely used in various industries, such as Healthcare, Aerospace, Engineering, Manufacturing, etc. Learning Primavera is not easy and it requires continuous practice and a proper training. Multisoft Virtual Academy offers Primavera Online Training to various professionals so that they gain expertise in this software.

Benefits of Primavera® Training

  1. Get acquainted with best management practices in Primavera® P6: The training familiarizes the professionals about creating a project structure, scheduling, and about resource management.
  2. Trained by certified trainers: The trainers have gone through rigorous training’s so that they can teach Primavera to the students in an effective way. The trainers are thorough in their knowledge and also possess a good amount of experience.
  3. Assessments to test skills: Assessments are very important as this gives the students a real world experience. These assessments help to clear the Primavera Certification exam in a single go. Through assessments, students gain an in-depth knowledge about the Primavera® software.
Primavera Training

Primavera Training


Primavera P6 Training is essential for effectively handling project operations. A Primavera® certification is almost essential for every Project Management professional. This will help to achieve the project management goals in a more effective way.

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