Three Projects That Makes Best Use of 8051 Microcontroller

Looking for the 8051 microcontroller-based projects? Here are three basic controller based projects that you can try.


Have a look at them.

  1. Water Level Indicator

In this project, one can control the water level of a tank with the help of 8051 Microcontroller. The circuit aims to indicate the three levels of the tank. Level 1 is the empty position, Level 2 is the intermediate position and the Level 3 is the full position.

Whenever water in the tank reaches the topmost position, the LED and a buzzer will generate output to show that the tank is full.

Similarly, whenever the tank gets empty, the same output will be generated.

  1. Bidirectional Visitor Counter

You all enter into malls and shopping centers where you usually see the entrance gate that opens and closes on its own. This is done with the help of a sensor that senses the passage of visitor passing across its field. However, using 8051

Microcontroller, once can easily count the number of visitors passing the door in a given period of time. And if you interface an LED with that, you can get the total count displayed on it.

  1. Stepper Motor Control

Stepper motor helps devices to move forward and backward. It is used basically for the robotics applications on which the wheels of cars are made to move in a forward and backward direction. As stepper motor requires current that is beyond the limit of 8051 Microcontroller, a current driver is used to fulfill the current requirements.

In Conclusion

Though 8051 Microcontroller based projects are easy to practice as compared to other controllers, still one must have basic programming skills to run the project successfully.

If you lack such skills, you can take help from the 8051 microcontroller training Centers. They are apt to provide the sufficient knowledge.

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