Understanding Base SAS certification

Businesses are creating big data with each passing day that needs to be analyzed for the proper execution and information transfer. To help them out, there are technologies like BI and Data Analytics that make things a bit simpler.


For each technology, there is a certification used to demonstrate the respective expertise. Talking from the Employee perspective, such certifications behave like a badge for them that validates their skills and makes them stand in the in the top most line amongst the professionals from the domain.

Base SAS is one of such certifications that are most honored and most in demand these days.

In this article, we will focus on this particular certification.

Let’s start with the basics of Base SAS.

So, what is Base SAS?

Well, if you go by the official statement you will see that Base SAS is a credential for being a SAS certified Base programmer for SAS version 9. It is the certification that a beginner having decent academic background and basic domain knowledge can undertake. This is the entry-level certification that tests the SAS’s programming skills of the candidate. Though, there are some additional skills requirements that a certified Business Analysts is expected to have, but SAS base focuses on a particular set only. It does not cover non-SAS related concepts that may be essential for a business analyst.

To earn this credential, you must have detailed knowledge of the following areas:

  • How Data moves in and out of SAS
  • How to manipulate and transform data
  • Methods to combine SAS data sets
  • How to create summary reports using SAS procedures
  • The way data gets identified and corrected including syntax and programming logic errors.

Once you master the above knowledge areas and build enough skills, you can sit for the SAS Base exam. Passing the exam will successfully get you the much-awaited SAS certification.

Preparing for Base SAS certification

Whether you are a beginner who has basic knowledge of SAS or an experienced SAS analyst who wants to add more start on his cap by getting SAP certified, both can apply for the Base SAS Certification.

As the exam will need really good SAS knowledge, you can develop your skills by getting enrolled into Base SAS Online Training. They are apt to impart necessary knowledge and skills through customized study plans and industry-expert guidance.

Hope this works for you.

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