What Artificial Intelligence Course and Why You Should Care

The coming decade is bound to see advancements the technology has brought to us with imaginations such as self-driven cars and instant machine translation turning into a reality. Here is a list of 5 advancements of Artificial Intelligence Course you can expect as the new decade begins:

  1. Refining business processes: The new robots will be based on softwares to work on computers. These robots will be developed to be more efficient in doing administrative work while we can get more time to perform complex, strategic, creative and interpersonal tasks.
  2. Personalization: Industries are working with AI to offer more personalized experiences to customers, so that the next time you are craving for a pizza, you can find a “Order now” button on your screen, just at the right time.
  3. Human and AI cooperation: Soon robots will work alongside humans to perform tasks with the help of AI powered tools to save time and help us to perform more complex tasks such as imagine, design, strategize and communicate.
  4. Creativity and communications: Robots in the upcoming decade would be seen perform creative activities such as painting and directing movies. Very soon you will see robots play music, recite poetry and do storytelling.
  5. Cyber security:  AI is being powered with advanced prediction algorithms, smart technologies that will help us to stay protected from hacking, phishing and social engineering attacks.

Artificial Intelligence Course
Artificial Intelligence Course

As AI can be used for both increasing productivity of an organization, as well as providing better quality service to its clients, companies are looking for professionals who are skilled and possess in-depth knowledge of Artificial Intelligence. Here is why Artificial Intelligence is a must for you and how you can learn it:

  • What AI offers you: Artificial intelligence is used in various industries such as aeronautics, medical, education, automobile, banking and electronics; bringing a range of career possibilities with it. With renowned companies such as Google, Amazon, Android, Instagram and Facebook associated with Artificial Intelligence, getting Artificial Intelligence training can boost your professional importance that the industry demands. The average annual salary of an AI job is $111,118. Professionals related to engineering and developing can gain high career and income profits by doing Artificial Intelligence training.
  • What does AI training offer: Multisoft Virtual Academy is an online training portal that offers training for Artificial Intelligence course. The training course of 18 hours offers:
    • Certified and highly experienced trainers
    • Flexible timings
    • Corporate courses
    • Latest courseware
    • Hand-on sessions
    • Recorded sessions
    • Lifetime access to study material
    • 24×7 support
    • Training certificate
  • What you will learn: Online course offered at Multisoft Virtual Academy provides you in depth knowledge of the following topics:
    • Fundamentals of reinforcement learning
    • Q-Learning intuition
    • Building a self-driving car
    • Deep Q-Learning intuition
    • Installation
    • Creating the environment
    • Building an AI
    • Playing with the AI
    • Teaching AI to play doom and win

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About the Author: Bhumika Gupta is a seasoned Technical Content Writer and Content Developer and has been awarded with a National Certificate for her writings. She is keenly interested in the training sector and is currently working as a Senior Content Writer at Multisoft.

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