What is AWS Data Engineering?

If you are here reading this blog, then we can assume or believe you are well aware of the role and significance of AWS or Amazon Web Services in the business world. This blog is being written for aspirants, who wish to enroll in the AWS Data Engineering Online Training and Certification Course or gain in-depth knowledge on all the aspects of AWS data engineering. This course has been designed and delivered by a team of Multisoft’s global subject matter experts, who are certified professionals and hold years of industry experience. So, let’s being with understanding what AWS Data Engineering is all about.

What is AWS?

AWS is an acronym for Amazon Web Services, where Amazon being one of the leading tech giants that develop and offers business solutions for new and challenging business needs. A sub-division of Amazon, AWS is basically an on-demand cloud service provider that offers various services, including Networking, Database Storage, Monitoring Tools, Data Warehouse, Data Analytics, Security, Cloud Computing, etc. Its services include Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), and other enterprise-level computing and storage services.

What is AWS Data Engineering?

With growing internet penetration, devices, and platforms, the volume of data is in rising rapidly and companies are looking for solutions that allow them to store and manage this large pool of data, along with performing analytics and providing valuable insights. Data Engineering on the other hand is the process of analyzing consumer/user requirements and demands and developing programs that focus on moving, storing, structuring, and transforming data for reporting and analytics purposes.

AWS Data Engineering is responsible for managing AWS services and providing a package of services to customers based on their demands. He/she analyzes customers’ needs, the type and amount of data customers have, and the possible outcome of their operations and decides the best services and tools for optimal performance while ensuring that data stored in Data Warehouse is available for users in analysis-ready form.

What should I learn to become AWS Data Engineer?

In order to become a proficient AWS Data Engineer, one should have in-depth knowledge about use cases and core differences of various AWS storage services to be able to select the best-suited services based on requirements; have hands-on experience in migrating data between Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift; have a clear knowledge of Data Lake, Data Warehouse, Data Integration process, AWS tools, AWS Glue, AWS Athena and QuickSight.

If you want to become AWS Data Engineer, consider enrolling in AWS Data Engineering Online Training and Certification Course from Multisoft Virtual Academy. This course is taught by Multisoft’s global subject matter experts and delivered in live, instructor-led one-on-one and corporate training sessions, while the course itself comes with benefits such as lifetime e-learning access, recorded training session videos, and after-training support. Once you have successfully completed the course, you will earn a globally recognized training certificate.

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