What is CKAD Online Training all about?

If you are planning to take CKAD Online Training course in near future, you are in the right place. This article is being written for system administrators, application developers and professionals who are looking forward to become Certified Kubernetes Application Developers (CKADs). Multisoft Virtual Academy offers an array of training courses to students and professionals, helping them acquire desired skills and knowledge.

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer Online Training

Before we come down to CKAD training course features, let’s understand what CKAD is.

CKAD stand for Certified Kubernetes Application Developer. A Certified Kubernetes Application Developer can design, build, configure, and expose cloud native applications for Kubernetes.

Kubernetes is an advanced open-source container orchestration platform that allows for easy management and deployment containerized applications in a microservice architecture. In layman language, containers are used to run and store applications. One has to manage the containers to ensure there is no downtime. If a contain goes down, another container has to be started manually. This is where Kubernetes comes to rescue.

New-age Kubernetes features include, automated management of K8s clusters, auto-scaling based on usage, automate updates and deployments, declarative model, auto placement, auto replication, auto scaling and auto restart for application self-healing, add and mount storage dynamically, load balancing and DevSecOps support.

What will I Iearn in CKAD certification training course?

CKAD Certificate training course from Multisoft Virtual Academy comes with several benefits. Firstly, you will get to learn from highly experienced industry experts. Secondly, all the courses are update and carefully curated to match latest industry requirements. In addition to this, students will be able to avail perks like, lifetime e-learning access and after training support.

In this course, students will deep dive on the major topics and aspects of Kubernetes Application, where all the topics are explained in step-by-step module with practical and mock exams check their learning and skills. After completion of the course students will learn how to DevOps Cloud training First Applications, secure Kubernetes cluster with Secrets and Network Policies; design and deploy applications on Kubernetes Cluster; create and configure Persistent Volumes; upgrade and rollback Applications deployed on Kubernetes; configure Readiness and Liveness Probes in a cluster; troubleshoot Applications Deployed using Logs; create and schedule tasks in Kubernetes and much more.

You will be not just able to define application resources, but also use core primitives to develop, monitor, and troubleshoot all scalable tools and applications in Kubernetes.

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