What Makes STAAD.Pro®v8i a Cutting-Edge Tool for Structural Engineers?

Structural engineering is all about precision! Computer-aided design, drafting and structural analysis have taken this precision to an altogether new level. It is barely possible for any engineering firm to remain a competitive market player without making use of advanced designing tools placed at their disposal. As a result, it has also become a necessity for structural and design engineering professionals to gain expertise in the use of these designing tools, which have gone on to become an integral part of the standard approach to structural designing.


STAAD.Pro®v8i is a leading structural analysis and design software employed by professionals to automate the designing tasks involving creation and in-depth analysis of 3D structural models. This software features an intelligent User Interface (UI), has in-built visualization tools, and supports designing codes for steel, concrete, timber and other construction material.  For international use, it includes the code of practices employed in several countries, further enhancing its value for professionals across the world. Not only do engineers save precious time and effort with this innovative designing tool, but they can also test various design solutions meeting specific requirements of a project.

Some advantages of using STAAD.Pro®v8i include:

Flexible Modeling Environment:

Designed with latest programming technology, it offers ready access to solutions for common design and analysis-related issues. It allows users to easily create exact 3D replicas of structures using advanced features, and instantly makes desired modifications using over 70 international design codes.

Easy Visualizations and Editing:

STAAD.Pro®v8i is equipped with advanced graphical tools to create fully-rendered 3D models for complex multi-material structures, including bridges, tunnels, culverts and towers with great ease. It is possible to add or remove components of standard structural frames in an instant with its intelligent editing tools.

Efficient Load-bearing Analysis:

Analysis of load bearing capabilities of any complex structure is critical for ensuring its stability and strength. STAAD.Pro®v8i course comes with in-built load generator tools to carry out static and dynamic load analysis for seismic, wind, snow along with other factors and their impact on the structure.

Flexibility of Operation and Open Architecture:

STAAD.Pro®v8i stands out for its open architecture, making it possible to use standard structural elements for modifying and adding new design and templates through OpenSTAAD. It becomes easy enough to import CAD models or even use third-party applications as per design requirements.

Quality Assurance:

STAAD.Pro®v8i offers stringent adherence to high quality standards in designing practices and is the only designing software to have ISO 9001 certification. Structural designing is a field that offers no scope for leniency in terms of quality and STAAD.Pro®v8i offers complete reliability in this respect.

It would also be helpful to understand various phases of design and analysis process when working with STAAD.Pro®v8i.


This stage involves defining basic factors, including the model structure, geometrical aspects, environmental factors and various loads.


All the pre-defined factors are analyzed by the program along with static or dynamic analysis of basic model or structure. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) approach is adopted for precision results.


Take into account all the stresses and forces working on basic model or structure and make use of visualization tools to study any deformation caused in the structure as a result of these forces.


A thorough comparison of strength and stability assured by definitions provided in pre-processing stage to that of project requirements is made. To ensure quality and error-free deliverables, code checks are run. If the final design is found to be short of the outcome needed in terms of project requirements, the whole cycle starts again from pre-processing stage with suitable modifications.

It is this comprehensive manner in which STAAD.Pro®v8i addresses the structural design and analysis requirements, making it the most sought-after designing tool for Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers and Designing Professionals. Today, there is a continual increase in global demand for trained and certified professionals with proven expertise in using STAAD.Pro®v8i for design and analysis purposes. However, working professionals may not find it easy to go in for a full-time training to get a grasp of the fundamentals related to STAAD.Pro®v8i. In such a case, online learning could be the best solution but it is of critical importance to choose the right training institute for the purpose.

Multisoft Virtual Academy is a well-known name in e-learning domain, offering Instructor-led STAAD.Pro®v8i Online Training for individuals aspiring to be a certified structural designing professional. Instructor-led training would offer the benefit of guidance from industry-certified and highly experienced trainers with the flexibility of deciding your own schedule. A number of assessments and lab exercises are also provided to encourage skill building in participants.

24/7 access to learning material is there through a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) to let participants study when they can. The training and certification is best suited for Civil Engineering students or professionals. Structural Designers, Project Managers, Bridge Designers and Quality Analysts can highly benefit from the skills acquired through online training and make big career strides with confidence.

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