Why businesses need solutions like SAP HANA?

With new innovations in technology industry, businesses are looking for novel ways to address business related issues, like data or resource management. In order to cater to such demand, SAP has come up with several business solutions, one of which is SAP S4 HANA Finance 1809 Online Training.

SAP ERP Training or High-performance Analytic Appliance is a database that can store data in its memory, instead of storing it on a disk, which enables faster data processing than that of disk-based data systems, allowing to perform advanced analytics in real-time. The platform also serves as an ERP solution, which can be placed in the cloud, on premises or both, in a hybrid cloud system. Best part of SAP HANA is that it integrates data from different areas within an organization, such as traditional business documents, website forms, mobile, etc. While it integrates all the data, it also applies AI and machine learning to instantly and deeply analyze data and accelerate real-time decision-making processes by offering valuable insights into a company’s operations.

How SAP HANA is beneficial for businesses?

Here are few major benefits offered by SAP HANA:

  • SAP HANA is a multi-model database that means that SAP HANA can support multiple data models in a single integrated backend, while most of the databases have single data model, which limits the storage, organization and manipulation of data. 
  • SAP HANA features in-memory technology, which makes data easily available with no latency, means no cumbersome batch processing. All the entire data processes takes place in real time dramatically simplify the management systems and improving efficiencies.
  • Advanced real-time analytics feature offered by SAP enables users to access massive amounts of data with ease. Its machine learning engine fetches data from various sources and instantly updates them to the server, identifies problems and offers engineering solutions for every area of a business from human resources to payroll, supplier management to retail management and more.
  • SAP HANA’s software stack system works as a tech-agnostic server for both SAP and Non-SAP web applications created by the developer. Since the server can interact with any type of file and exchange information with any software, companies can quickly develop and deploy tailored processes and queries to meet the requirements.
  • Users can use SAP HANA’s advanced analytical processes to build simple tools for business teams to easily produce custom reports, even without the help of IT or external consultants.

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