5 Oracle Certification Courses to Accelerate Your Career Growth

Unsure whether or not to get Oracle certified? And if yes, which certification to choose? Here are five Oracle certifications that can clarify your doubts and help you accelerate your career growth.


Have a look at them.

  1. Oracle Certified Associate

If you are stepping into the tech-centric industry, you are supposed to have basic knowledge of how Oracle works in its different projects like those of Oracle developers, Web administrators, Data administrators etc. Oracle certified Associate is a platform from where you can start your journey to the doorsteps of Oracle. You might be thinking of why OCA is the starting point for professionals in Oracle? Well, Oracle itself clarifies this doubt. From Oracle perspective, Oracle Certified Associate is the perfect credential for graduate techies to get started with Oracle. With proper oracle certification training and decent academic background is quite enough to start their career in Oracle.  But building the basic OCA skills will be a plus point that can be achieved through earning an OCA certification. Those who have successfully earned the Oracle Certified Associate certification will have increased entry-level job opportunities.

  1. Oracle Certified Professional

If OCA is the hallway ticket to Oracle, OCP is something that takes you to the next level. Oracle Certified Professional certification is a credential that validates your degree of experience and knowledge among others. Whether you are a Web administrator or Data administrator, being an Oracle Certified Professional you will have full power and skills to move onto the next senior-level positions.

  1. Oracle Certified Master

OCM certification is the highest level of certifications as compared to above-mentioned credentials.  Oracle Certified Masters are equipped with a critical level of thinking and extraordinary skills which they validate through earning OCM certification either by experience or by oracle training course. As the Oracle Certified Masters are required to handle highly sensitive projects and tasks in the organization, the certification is a test of both knowledge and skills. OCM certification is designed specifically to test candidate’s ability to perform in a real-world and live application environment.

  1. Oracle Certified Expert

The OCE certification recognizes your competency in specific, niche-oriented domains. Though the certification is independent of the traditional OCA, OCP, OCM hierarchy, but often emerge out from the skills build under the OCA or OCP levels. Competencies falling under the umbrella of the Expert program range from foundational skills to mastery of advanced technologies.

  1. Oracle Certified Specialist

The Oracle Certified Specialist certification suits best to the current Oracle employees and partners. However, there is no restriction to other IT professionals to opt for the certification, at all. A strong hold on focused products is required from the Oracle Certified Specialists which tests their expertise level in that particular area.

In Conclusion

Oracle certification brings immense career opportunities for both beginners and working professionals. To earn the certification, one can go for Oracle Certification training courses. They are apt to provide necessary knowledge and skills to the candidates.

Hope this works for you.

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