6 Reasons Why Linux is a Booming Technology

Want to know why Linux is so popular around the world?

The following points will help you answer this question. Have a look at it.

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  1. A Multi-tasking Environment

Surpassing the operating systems that are restricted to run few tasks only, Linux has come out as a rich and powerful platform that has a huge potential of performing multi-tasking in a very stable yet modern way.

  1. Standard platform

Originated from the family of UNIX, Linux is a very standardized operating system and includes all the tools and utilities that once supported by UNIX operating system.

  1. Excellent computing power

One can perform almost any computing task effectively with the help of Linux operating system. Though, Linux works best in desktop PCs, but it has shown significant performance in other platforms also. This makes Linux stand among the most portable and flexible operating systems.

  1. High-level graphic UI

The advanced graphic UI that Linux uses makes the whole experience smoother and seamless. The more advanced the UI is, the more users are going to love the platform.

  1. Small is beautiful

Linux is a cluster of thousands of small tools and apps.  These small apps when accompanied with proper Linux device driver programming, break down the complexities of large programs in no time. This makes the saying “small is beautiful” completely true.

  1. Bunch of standardized applications

From Astronomy to Biology, Physics to Chemistry, engineering to linguistics, Linux has been served by the experts across the globe. This is the reason of diverse and wide web of hundreds of applications that Linux supports.

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