A Deeper Insight into SAP HANA® – Become proficient in in-memory platform data processing

SAP HANA® has entirely changed the industry by being a revolutionary in-memory database approach. This has allowed the analysis and application management without even getting worried about the procedural processing of data. Also, the huge amount of data can be used in a productive manner irrespective of the need of any aggregation of data.


Why SAP HANA® is a game changer?

SAP HANA® is considered to be a game changer for numerous organizations. Let’s take an insight to the reasons that helps to contribute in changing the business insights:

SAP HANA® accelerates the tasks: One of the best features of it is, that it gives the users a search experience similar to Google in all the existing solutions. These consist of solutions that include mobile, applications and analytics; located in the cloud and on-premise. It assists in answering the questions that the users have, despite of any system or data location, as it provides a faster reply to the queries with lesser wait-time.

SAP HANA® simplifies IT and saves cost: It has been observed that the organizations that make use of the software in their business; they get simplified IT solutions. This has also led the IT costs to come down and help the organizations in an economic manner in terms of software, hardware, and labor costs.

SAP HANA® innovates new ideas and remove barriers: The removal of cost barriers and technical issues has helped the users to innovate with never before breakthroughs of business. Numerous organizations are getting enormous benefits by simply implementing SAP HANA® in their work arena.

Reasons that make SAP HANA® an innovative platform

SAP HANA® has marked itself as one of the innovative platforms chosen by the Enterprises. Below mentioned are the reasons that contribute to making it an innovative Platform:

  • Uses the best Technology in the industry
  • Unlocks important business principles
  • Works on a new real-time business platform
  • Unveils Big Business opportunities with Big Data
  • Supports an open Architecture and saves Technology investments
  • Works both On-Premise and Cloud based Platform

Use cases of SAP HANA®

SAP HANA® delivers effective and responsive business value by the help of various deployment options. Let’s get an insight on the Use Cases of the software, based on different Industries:

Automotives: It helps in predicting market trends along with performance management with the help of real time analysis based on Lean KPI

Consumer Products: It analyzes the huge amount of demand data that further helps in predicting the need of market and work accordingly for the consumer preferences

Healthcare: It improvises the evaluation and studying of the trial outcomes of clinical tests along with evaluating administrative data for quality efficiency

Insurance: It identifies the risk exposure included in the Insurance and analyzes the claim information along with aligning sales with market, product and company trends.

Hence, SAP HANA® is constantly providing a great advantage to its users and is likely to gain fame in the near future. The business values delivered by SAP HANA® are considered best-in class, as they improve the user experience to a high extent.

This has also given rise to the need of professionals having skills to work on SAP HANA®. Therefore, the candidates find a great career road ahead and the required skillset can be gained by enrolling in the SAP HANA® online training course. The aspirants get to know all about the concepts of SAP HANA® by the help of expert trainers from the industry along with the updated course curriculum.

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