A Glimpse of ABAP Terminologies and Its Effective Uses

ABAP is the fourth generation programming language that is used to develop programming application for running any business process. For those who want to start or switch their career in this field, SAP ABAP online training can be of great use to them. This training helps you to develop more robust and user-friendly application with great ease. The training will allow the learner to achieve the highest efficiency in developing the application. Through the knowledge gained through this training, the developers or programmers can develop business oriented applications and can thus help their companies to increase their business.


A large number of companies are looking for certified professionals who can develop applications for them. To get this certification, online training is the best way. In the ABAP online training, you will come to know about some of the important terminology related to ABAP, some of which are given below:

Types of ABAP programs:

  • Executable Programs: These are created using the transaction code SE38 from the ABAP workbench.
  • Module pools: Module pool program also supports different events associated with the screen and its elements.
  • Class pools: These are created by the Class Builder tool.
  • Interface pools: These programs contain a single definition of a global interface, which can be implemented in any global or local class.
  • Subroutines: These are type S programs represented with the keyword PROGRAM.
  • Function groups: SAP supports large number of standard function groups.
  • Type groups: These are created with the help of ABAP Dictionary tool.
  • Include programs: These are type I programs represented by the keyword INCLUDE.

ABAP Workbench

The ABAP Workbench is part of the ABAP system which consists of different tools for editing programs. Some of these tools are:

  • ABAP Editor for writing and editing reports and module pools
  • ABAP Dictionary for processing database table definitions
  • Menu Painter for designing the user interface
  • Screen Painter for designing screens and flow logic
  • Function Builder for function modules
  • Class Builder for ABAP Objects programming
  • Object Navigator to provide a single integrated interface into these various tools.

ABAP Data dictionary

The ABAP data dictionary contains the logical structures of the objects that are used in application development.

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