All You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

The development of Artificial Intelligence has changed and paced up the course of our daily lives. From gaming to medical science, the use of this technology totally rationalized the work process in different industries. The Artificial Intelligence online training is best suitable for the individuals who wish to explore its vast domain and build a future in it.


Types of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Strong & Weak: Weak AI is one in which the systems can behave as a human, but do not possess critical human thinking. On the other hand, the strong systems can imitate complete human behavior, even human thinking.
  2. Narrow & General: The narrow AI systems are designed to perform certain tasks, whereas, general artificial intelligence is deigned knowing the reason behind its simulation.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

  • The monotonous tasks earlier performed by human can be programmed by AI systems, thus saving them from boredom.
  • The human related errors are removed by the introduction of this technology.
  • All the time consuming tasks can be performed efficiently using this technology.

Application of Artificial Intelligence

  • Problem Solving
  • Medical Science
  • Data Analytics
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Gaming Arena
  • Speech Recognition
  • Image Processing
  • Vision Systems
  • Handwriting Recognition

Career in Artificial Intelligence

  1. AI or machine learning researcher: An individual with an advanced degree such as a Masters or Ph.D. in a STEM-field can opt this as a career.
  2. AI software developer, program manager, and researcher: Individuals with a fair understanding of AI, robotics, and strong mathematical skills, can seek a career as this.
  3. Data mining and analyst: Professionals with bachelor’s degrees can opt a career in data mining and analysis using Artificial Intelligence. Read More

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