Amazon Web Services – 6 benefits that make it to top the charts!

AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Web Services provides remote computing services shared through a Cloud Computing platform available from Amazon. AWS was launched in 2006 and assists its users by providing them a large amount of Services that are accessible globally.

Amazon Web Services

These Services are scalable and trusted by businesses over 190 countries around the world. With its data centers mainly located in Australia, U.S, Europe, Brazil, and Japan, AWS provides numerous cloud options that cater to the needs of the users.

Increase in data has increased the need of developing new IT infrastructure, but this needs lot of investment which sometimes becomes an issue for the Enterprises. Keeping in mind these issues, AWS helped the users to keep the data online and share it via cloud computing. Following are few of the benefits of using Amazon Web Services:

  1. Flexibility: AWS uses some very familiar databases, programming languages, architectures, and operating systems to help the users. Therefore, improving the productivity and decreasing the need for setting up the new IT infrastructure. Learning the new skills has also become easier for users.
  1. Experience in Industry: Amazon has been serving from past 15+ years and has been trusted by innumerable clients. AWS has been improving & innovating itself with new thoughts to improvise and provide the best of services.
  1. Security: AWS has built a high class security infrastructure for its clients. Amazon has been providing its services by maintaining the security standards as per the industry needs. It follows the best and highest security practices and inspects them time to time via regular audits of Services in order to keep the Infrastructure updated.
  1. No Need of Negotiations: Bargaining is not an expertise area of every client; however, every user tries for it. However, if clients are using the Amazon Web Services, they need to think about negotiating the costs. Amazon itself focuses on reducing the costs for its clients and has reduced the cost to more than 30 times in past few years.
  1. Elastic: Amazon Web Services avails the facility of rapidly subtracting or adding the resources depending upon the needs of users. It has allowed the customers to work under an innovative and an experimental environment.
  1. No-Commitment: The users require different services as per their needs of sharing and maintaining the data. AWS helps them to fulfill their needs on no-commitment basis; hence, as soon as the users terminate the services, they don’t have to pay anymore, not even for a single minute after termination of services.

AWS opens a large array of opportunities for the aspirants and choosing to achieve AWS Certification will help the candidates to get enormous opportunities to get involved in projects based on AWS. Opting for a formal training can help to appear for the AWS Certification exam and establish the credibility before the employers.

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