An Insight on CAPM certification

The CAPM is the Project Management Institute (PMI’s) entrance level accreditation for venture chiefs or individuals who are keen on entering the field of venture administration. It depends on PMI’s venture administration structure as clarified in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), in its fifth version as of January, 2013.


There are uncountable advantages of getting CAPM certified, such as:

Opportunities around the world

Being a globally recognized certification, the value of CAPM stands high all around the world. This brings forward the chance to travel the globe with more and better projects. Even within companies, the management is more willing to transfer a certified employee within national headquarters, if they feel it is in their best interest.

Escalation in salary

It has been quantified that a CAPM certification training will escalate an individual’s salary by 25%. While this may depend on miscellaneous other factors like country and job description, the certification undoubtedly is an additional bonus to the resume and confirms that the candidate can look forward to a better pay than non-certified professionals.

Personal growth

Personally, candidates are in a better position to diagnose their career and work prospects. The learning material of CAPM fosters confidence among candidates.

Expected job profiles

CAPM is an entry-level course. The course is aptly designed for those with little to no experience in the field. It shows candidates the essentials of project management including project management terminologies, knowledge, and effective practices.

A novice individual who wants to get certified may enroll for CAPM certification training, to make the chances of getting certified in one go, since the individuals who are already serving firms or organization may find it difficult to prepare on their own.

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