An Introduction to Oracle PeopleSoft Applications

If you want to learn how to streamline overall business process, consider taking Oracle PeopleSoft Certification Trainings from Multisoft Virtual Academy. Currently, we offer three courses on Oracle PeopleSoft; they are Oracle PeopleSoft Receivables 9.1 Essentials Training Certification course, Oracle PeopleSoft HRMS Rel 9.1 Online Training Certification Course and Oracle PeopleSoft Payables 9.1 Essentials Training Certification course online.

For those, who are not aware of this software, this blog with help you get familiarize with the PeopleSoft Application.

What Is Oracle PeopleSoft Training?

Oracle PeopleSoft applications offer on-site programs that are designed to help businesses and organizations (mid-sized to large) streamline their overall business processes. Businesses adopt PeopleSoft application as a workforce management solution. Originally designed for human resources and finance support, this suite of programs now comes with applications and tools for general business operations.

Features of PeopleSoft Software

PeopleSoft applications are tools that are mainly used to manage human resources, customer relationships, financial and supply chains and enterprise performance.

Let’s learn more about these applications:

PeopleSoft Payroll: PeopleSoft payroll applications can be utilized by human resources and financial departments of a company to organize, update, monitor, and report employee income and earnings. It also easily integrates with PeopleSoft HRMS, allowing users to update and manage information regarding time, labor, general ledgers, recruiting activities, compensation reports, and other applications, making directing and managing processes more efficient and enabling users to coordinate and monitor range of payments, expenses, salaries, bonuses and other financial data.

It is also used to select and provide employer and employee benefits packages, including health and retirement benefits; and maintain and file employee tax documents.

HRMS (Human Resources Management Systems): This application helps human resources department to track the hiring process, upload job openings, screen applicants; organize interviews; orientation for new hires and more. PeopleSoft HRMS applications also enable HR team access and manage employee information and timesheets and update data, such as taxes and benefits.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management Systems): Offers ability to organize and manage sales and marketing processes along with customer relationship management. Sales analytics, marketing metrics, customer conversion, purchases, and other data can all be monitored using PeopleSoft application.

FSCM (Financial and Supply Chain Management Systems): With the help of PeopleSoft for FSCM, users can review evaluation results of listed suppliers, perform requester inquiries, input project balances, and modify project team tasks such as end dates and integration. Users can also organize and perform mass transactions, import templates, delete obsolete spread sheets and update time reports.

EPM (Enterprise Performance Management Systems): PeopleSoft allows users to identify reports and specific run control settings for processing reports, choose how frequently to run a process, set and change project and process dates, and streamline operations management across the different departments of a business.

These are some of the basic uses of PeopleSoft suite of software. If you want to get in-depth knowledge and skills on Oracle PeopleSoft Applications, consider enrolling for Oracle PeopleSoft Admin Certification Trainings programs from Multisoft Virtual Academy. You will learn from a team of certified global subject matter experts and choose either you wish to take one-on-one training session or a classroom session. Also, all the courses offered by Multisoft come with perks like lifetime access to e-learning material, recorded training session videos and after training support. Moreover, after successful completion of the Oracle PeopleSoft Certification Trainings course, you will be awarded with a globally recognized training certificate.

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