An Introduction to SAP Fieldglass Training

SAP Fieldglass, a cloud-based SaaS platform, serves this need by managing the external workforce throughout their lifecycle. This platform provides comprehensive visibility into all aspects of managing the external workforce and significantly mitigates associated business risks. In today’s business environment, there’s a growing trend towards utilizing contingent workers or an external workforce, which includes contractors, temporary workers, SOW employees, and service providers. Given this trend, there’s a crucial need for businesses to efficiently manage these external workforce operations. Additionally, SAP Fieldglass functions as a Vendor Management System, enabling businesses to effectively oversee their vendors, manage their performance, and handle payments.

SAP Fieldglass Training

For those interested in learning more about SAP Fieldglass training, continue reading this blog. It offers an in-depth exploration of SAP Fieldglass, including its features, benefits, and implementation strategies. This blog is an excellent resource for understanding how SAP Fieldglass can streamline the management of your company’s external workforce and vendor relations.

How does SAP Fieldglass Work?

SAP Fieldglass is a comprehensive cloud-based Vendor Management System (VMS) that facilitates the management of a company’s contingent workforce and services procurement lifecycle. It is designed to streamline the processes associated with hiring and managing temporary workers, contractors, and other non-permanent staff, as well as handling services provided by external agencies or contractors. Here’s a detailed look at how SAP Fieldglass operates:

1. Requisition to Hire

The process in SAP Fieldglass begins with the creation of job requisitions. Hiring managers or procurement officers can easily post new job openings or service requirements directly on the platform. These requisitions are tailored to include specific qualifications, project durations, rates, and other criteria necessary for the roles. Once posted, these requisitions can be sent to pre-approved vendors who then submit candidates or proposals.

2. Vendor and Candidate Management

Vendors receive these requisitions and respond by submitting candidates who match the criteria. SAP Fieldglass provides tools for comparing these submissions side by side, enabling hiring managers to evaluate candidates based on qualifications, rates, and other compliance factors. The platform also facilitates communication between the company and the vendors for negotiations or clarifications.

3. Workforce Onboarding and Offboarding

Once a candidate is selected, SAP Fieldglass manages the onboarding process, which includes contract generation, document management, and compliance checks. The platform ensures that all necessary paperwork is completed and stored securely. Conversely, when the assignment ends, SAP Fieldglass helps manage the offboarding process, ensuring that access to company resources is revoked and final assessments are completed.

4. Time and Expense Management

During the assignment, contractors and temporary workers log their hours and expenses directly into SAP Fieldglass. The platform allows for the approval of these logs, which streamlines payroll and invoicing processes, reducing errors and delays. It ensures transparency and accuracy in billing and payments.

5. Performance Management and Analytics

SAP Fieldglass offers robust analytics and reporting capabilities that help companies monitor and assess the performance of their external workforce and vendors. It provides insights into spending, vendor performance, and compliance, which aid in making informed decisions about workforce management and procurement strategies.

6. Integration Capabilities

SAP Fieldglass integrates seamlessly with other enterprise systems (such as ERP or HR systems), which enhances data consistency and streamlines workflows across different business functions. This integration capability is crucial for maintaining a holistic view of the organization’s workforce and financial metrics.

Overall, SAP Fieldglass automates and centralizes the management of contingent workers and external services, making it easier for companies to maintain control over these critical aspects of their operations while improving efficiency, reducing risks, and gaining strategic insights into their workforce spending and performance. This leads to better managed vendor relationships and a more flexible, responsive approach to workforce management.

Key Features

SAP Fieldglass is a powerful cloud-based Vendor Management System (VMS) designed to manage and optimize the use of external workers, services, and capital. It offers a suite of features aimed at improving visibility, compliance, efficiency, and cost control within external workforce and service procurement. Here are the key features of SAP Fieldglass:

1. Vendor Management

  • Streamlined Vendor Selection: SAP Fieldglass allows organizations to manage their entire vendor relationship lifecycle, from selection and negotiation to performance evaluations and offboarding.
  • Performance Tracking: The system offers tools for tracking and assessing vendor performance against agreed-upon metrics and service level agreements (SLAs).

2. Contingent Workforce Management

  • Job Requisition and Posting: Managers can create and distribute job postings directly to vendors within the platform.
  • Applicant Tracking and Comparison: SAP Fieldglass provides functionalities to compare candidates, manage interviews, and select the best fit based on predefined criteria.

3. Services Procurement Management

  • Statement of Work (SOW) Management: Enables creation, approval, and management of SOWs for contracted services, facilitating clear communication of expectations and deliverables.
  • Complex Services Procurement: Manages multiple layers of vendor and subcontractor relationships involved in delivering complex services.

4. Compliance and Risk Management

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensures all external workforce activities adhere to industry regulations and company policies.
  • Audit Trails: Maintains comprehensive records of all transactions and interactions to support compliance and audit processes.

5. Financial Management

  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Tools to help with the financial planning of workforce costs and project budgets.
  • Invoicing and Payment Processing: Automates invoicing, reduces errors, and expedites payment processes, improving the financial cycle’s efficiency.

6. Reporting and Analytics

  • Real-Time Analytics: Offers detailed insights into spending, worker performance, and vendor management through customizable dashboards and reporting tools.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Facilitates strategic decision-making with robust analytics on workforce trends, cost analysis, and operational efficiencies.

7. Integration Capabilities

  • Seamless Integration: Integrates with various ERP and HR systems, enhancing data consistency and reducing manual entry errors across platforms.

8. Global Functionality

  • Multi-Language and Currency Support: Accommodates global operations by supporting multiple languages and currencies, essential for multinational companies.

These features make SAP Fieldglass certification a comprehensive solution for managing the external workforce and service procurement, providing companies with the tools they need to effectively oversee and optimize their use of external resources.

Benefits of SAP Fieldglass

SAP Fieldglass offers numerous benefits for organizations seeking to manage and optimize their external workforce and service procurement processes. The platform’s capabilities extend beyond simple management to provide strategic advantages that can significantly impact an organization’s efficiency, cost savings, and compliance. Here are some of the key benefits of using SAP Fieldglass:

1. Enhanced Visibility and Control

SAP Fieldglass provides a centralized system for tracking and managing all aspects of the external workforce, from initial requisition to final payment. This end-to-end visibility allows companies to have better control over their contingent labor and service procurement, ensuring that all activities align with corporate goals and policies.

2. Cost Reduction and Financial Control

The platform helps organizations optimize their spending on external labor and services by providing tools for budgeting, forecasting, and detailed financial reporting. By enabling more effective negotiations and vendor management, SAP Fieldglass can drive significant cost savings and ensure that expenditure stays within budgetary constraints.

3. Improved Compliance and Reduced Risk

Compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies is crucial for any organization. SAP Fieldglass automates and streamlines compliance processes, reducing the risk of violations and associated penalties. The system ensures that all contractors and service providers meet necessary standards before they are onboarded and throughout the duration of their contracts.

4. Operational Efficiency

By automating many of the administrative tasks associated with managing an external workforce, such as invoicing, contract management, and performance assessments, SAP Fieldglass frees up valuable time and resources. This increased efficiency allows HR and procurement teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

5. Strategic Workforce Management

With detailed analytics and reporting features, SAP Fieldglass enables organizations to make informed decisions about their workforce needs. This data-driven approach helps businesses plan for future talent requirements, manage workforce costs effectively, and improve overall workforce strategies.

6. Global Scalability

SAP Fieldglass supports multiple languages and currencies, making it an ideal solution for multinational companies. The platform’s global capabilities ensure consistent management of external workers and services across different regions and compliance with local labor laws and regulations.

7. Flexible Integration with Existing Systems

The ability to integrate seamlessly with other enterprise systems, such as ERP and HR software, enhances data consistency across an organization. This integration also facilitates a more holistic approach to managing all types of workers, both internal and external.

8. Enhanced Vendor Management

The platform offers tools for assessing vendor performance, which helps maintain high standards of service and fosters strong vendor relationships. By effectively managing vendor performance, organizations can ensure quality service delivery and potentially negotiate better terms.


SAP Fieldglass online training by Multisoft Virtual Academy offers a comprehensive and robust solution for managing the external workforce and service procurement. By providing centralized control, enhanced visibility, and streamlined processes, it enables organizations to optimize costs, ensure compliance, and improve operational efficiencies. Its global capabilities and seamless integration with other systems make SAP Fieldglass a valuable tool for multinational corporations, ensuring consistent and effective management across various regions. Ultimately, SAP Fieldglass empowers organizations to strategically manage their contingent workforce and vendor relationships, leading to improved business outcomes and a stronger competitive position in the market.

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