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The professionals battling with the effects of global slowdown have found respite in a new booming profession: Project Management.

Project Management has evolved to be an elite profession globally with an estimated 15.7 million new project management roles to be created between 2010 and 2020 across seven project intensive industries globally as revealed by PMI’s Project Management Talent Gap Report. High demand for the Project Managers has been evidently clear through the rise in salaries and the overall growth in the market size. At the same time, the continuous research about the profession by PMI has repeatedly indicated that PMP credential holders have earned approximately 20 percent more than their non-certified peers.

Project Management Certification

Growth Prospects

With ever expanding job markets, quickly developing project oriented roles in ten countries are expected to increase by over 13.4 million between 2010 and 2020, to over 41.5 million. As per the numbers revealed by PMI, China and India are leading the pack generating approximately 8.1 million and 4 million project management roles through 2020, respectively.

The employment of Project Managers is sure to hit greater numbers in the coming years with a reported forecast of 60 percent growth in India followed by 40 percent in UAE.

In United States, demand for Project management professionals can be seen significantly in business services and manufacturing. Health Care sector is expected to outgrow these two in terms of employment for Project management professionals in the coming years.

Greater recognition

More and more companies have been identifying the importance of Project management as a profession and are even ready to pay a considerable more amount to have expert talent among the staff. The essence of certification programs is not limited to the credentials exemplified in the piece of paper you receive. It’s in the knowledge and expertise you gain in the process.

Following is the list of countries offering the highest salaries to the Project Management professionals globally:

Countries with top Salaries for

Growing affinity for Credentials

The growing affinity of the Hiring managers for the certified talent on board has hiked the importance of PMPs globally. The certified professionals are reportedly earning 20 percent more than their counterparts along with several challenging positions at work. Apart from validating the professional’s expertise in the related domain, the credential is believed to have a direct impact on the candidature of the professional.

Greater Success at work

As reported by PMI’s Pulse of Profession, projects having certified PMPs have 26% more success rate than the other ones. The fact is that the PMPs bring their expertise and knowledge to the work place which in turn helps in smooth operations and effective management.

Get Ready

To have a big shot at the emerging opportunities, it is highly required to grab the certification. To ace the PMP certification exam efficiently, a training classroom is highly recommended which provides knowledge and insights about the processes and concepts that goes underneath.

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