CATIA: A software of choice for the leading manufacturing companies

CATIA is a multi-platform software that was initially used in automotive and aerospace engineering for designing various parts. With the advancement in technology, it began to be used in several other industries as well. This increasing usability of CATIA in the industry increased the demand of CATIA online training  as more and more requirement arose for CATIA designers.


This training is best suited for the mechanical engineers who wish to build a career in the manufacturing process. Nowadays, CATIA can be used for many more things than just designing parts and structure. A proper training of CATIA can help you in several ways, some of which are listed below. The aspirant will:

  • Learn advanced solutions for conceptual design, 3D modeling, and documentation
  • Learn product designing, streamline 2D designing, drafting with the use of powerful tools
  • Learn assembly design, sheet metal design, and template based design
  • Know how to perform CAE geometry editing, comprehensive meshing and fine element assembly management
  • Carry out visual analysis and validation, which will give you high quality performance insights for product decisions
  • Develop the ability to edit or modify designs, insert frames, and add notes to the drawing views
  • Learn how to create, change, and support complicated shapes

As the shape and design of products are becoming complex day-by-day, he performance and quality targets are becoming more challenging. The use of CATIA perfectly handles this challenge, enabling the rapid development of optimum quality parts and products. Many individuals consider the CATIA certification like a ladder to climb up to reach success in life. The online CATIA training can help the learners in climbing this ladder by getting certified. The training provides them with in-depth knowledge about designing, which helps them in getting placed in good companies, very easily. This training can also help individual in getting a higher pay with an average annual salary of 341,651 INR. With more and more companies adopting this software, the number of designers in this field is increasing rapidly. The industries are looking for professionals who have the knowledge of conceptual designing and can work precisely with this tool to generate the desired output with small effort and in less time. Read More

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