CATIA V5 for 3D Designing – What to know about this exciting tool?

CATIA is a part of 3D dimensional interactive application and multi-platform Computer Aided Design (CAD)/ Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). The tool is written in C++ language. Over the years, Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application has come with different formats including CATIA V5 and V6.



This software tool supports multiple stages of product development including CAD, CAE and CAM. CATIA offers users to design shapes and reach high levels of surface sophistication with 3D sketching, visualization features.  This designing can be learned by undergoing CATIA V5 course.

Aspirants opting for CATIA V5 Training certificate can learn about world’s leading parametric solid modelling packages. The online courses emphasize more on modelling techniques to enhance the efficiency of the user. By completing the CATIA V5 online training, the aspirant can complete the objective of:

  • Learning Parametric Solid Modelling, reverse engineering, styling, engineering drawing and drafting, finite element method, complete fluid dynamics etc.
  • Learning advance solutions for 3D Modelling and documentation
  • Learning product design, industrial design, streamlines 2D design, documentation with tools for layout and 3D annotation.
  • Learning how to perform CAE geometry editing, fine element and multi-CAE environments

The courseware of CATIA V5 training courses consists of:

  • CATIA Analysis V5
  • CATIA Equipment and Systems Engineering V5
  • CATIA Infrastructure V5
  • CATIA Machining V5
  • CATIA Mechanical Design V5
  • CATIA PLM Express V5
  • CATIA Product Synthesis V5
  • CATIA Shape Design and Styling V5

After completing CATIA V5 training, aspirants can get job as 3D Designer or in any other high end designing positions. CATIA V5 training courses are offered by certified professionals with 24/7 assistance to students and quality assessments by giving in-depth knowledge about the tool and its uses. With the assistance of 3D experts, aspirants can design the product successfully. After the completion of course, the aspirant can take the career to a new level and work in studio for various industries.

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