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SAP FICO is a module used for registering the financial transactions and creating financial statements which are accurate at the end. Its sub-modules are accounts receivables, accounts payables, asset accounting, general ledger accounting, and bank accounting. Due to the increasing need for streamlining the financial accounting and controlling mechanism, FICO has become quite popular in the IT industry. When it comes to managing finances, SAP FICO is the most favorable financial software because of its easy compatibility and quick configuration. SAP FICO online training familiarizes participants with the Financial Accounting and Controlling capabilities of the SAP ERP tool, enabling them to work on the SAP ERP tool, and assist organizations to manage their financial accounting and controlling transactions.


SAP FICO helps businesses grow by organizing their financial management systems. Businesses, large or small, have to manage the product costing, which has become easier with this efficient SAP ERP tool. According to statistics, the demand for SAP FICO professionals is not limited to a particular region but it is equally high across the globe. Certified professionals are proficient in helping end-users to distinguish technical features of the module, and hence it is the most sought after SAP module in the industry. Enrolling in the SAP FICO training online lets individuals leverage the benefits of the training at their convenience. The continuous enhancements in the technology are helping finance and accounting fields evolve. Cloud-based solutions and automation have influenced finance functions and FICO is playing a crucial role in this constant development.

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SAP FICO Online Training – An Effective Preparation for The SAP FICO Certification Exam

Multisoft Virtual Academy offers online SAP FICO training program for individuals who want to develop an understanding of the SAP Financial ERP tool and land their dream job. Implementing SAP tools is complex, and hence companies need functional specialists with deep expertise in a particular area to attain the maxim benefits. While hiring, recruiters often look for professionals with deeper knowledge in the functional area. Some of the top companies that employ SAP FICO professionals are Coca Cola, Sony, TCS, PepsiCo, Samsung, Nestle, IBM, Deloitte, HCL, CGI, HP, Wipro, etc. These organizations are aware of the fact that it takes years to gain expertise in handling SAP and thus trained and certified SAP professionals are their first pick while recruiting.

More than 50% of the companies in the whole world are adopting SAP for their business processes. Thus, SAP FICO certification makes individuals’ future extensive and bright. SAP professionals land better jobs across the globe. Professionals with certification such as SAP FICO are highly admired and acknowledged by their employers because of their advanced and higher level of proficiency. SAP systems are constantly updating their modules and therefore it is important for professionals to stay updated with the help of SAP training and certification. SAP FICO online certification training not only validates professionals’ expertise but also permits them to proficiently employ the SAP software at the workplace without any guidance.


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