CISCO and IoT enlarge the opportunities in Developing World

Cisco is a well-known around the globe for providing innumerable networking services. With an advancement in the technology, the need to connect with anything and everything is increasing at a fast pace. The recent concept that has been launched in this context is the Internet of Things (IoT). Let’s take a look at IoT and how Cisco is helping users with collaboration using this technology.


IoT (Internet of Things)

The IoT is used to link to the Internet and helps in an exchange of data that was not available for use before and bring the information for the users with more security. As per Cisco, it will let approx 20 billion devices connected to each other by 2020. Cisco is all set to provide a deep insight into its IoT system for enhancing productivity, generating new ways of revenue, and creating new business infrastructure.

Factors that accelerate IoT

IoT usage is increasing with time and is leading to grab more attention of devices that will have sensors and wireless capability. Also, the usage of mobile devices is increasing which will lead to more demand for IoT. It is already marking its presence in many fields like healthcare, education, and daily life actions. Let’s get an insight to the factors making it more preferable in today’s time and future.

Availability: A device can maximize its reach and IoT devices are already affordable and can be easily replaced in the developing markets. Also, the basic infrastructure is easily available for them that includes internet cafes or Wi-Fi; hence, it makes it easier to launch these devices and the related technologies.  The IoT devices are used extensively in many common environments and also helping in building up new devices to satisfy the emerging needs of an external world.

Affordability: The costs for R&D of IoT is affordable in the developed countries and also an upgradation of IoT devices can be afforded by the developing countries. According to Cisco, the costs can still be brought down and need for costly infrastructure is not required. Core IoT is available for the users that will avail a digital backbone for the users.

Scalability: The IoT devices are scalable in nature and many of them work on Plug & Play feature along with lesser requirement of know how of technicalities of installation and maintenance. Also, they work on solar energy by eliminating the dependency on electricity which makes them apt for the countries that struggle with power issues.

Cisco’s IoT infrastructure will help its clients in connecting, managing, and controlling of the devices that could not be connected earlier. Hence, securing the important physical and digital data by using the integrated Cisco IoT systems. However, there is a need of the equipped Network Engineers who can help in effective connection of data and users and transfer of data using devices like routers or switches.

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