Decoding SP3D Courses: Administrator vs. Civil Online Training & Certification


In the fast-paced world of engineering, the acquisition of professional skills, especially in innovative software, is vital to stay ahead. This fact holds particularly true for engineering students and professionals in the civil and mechanical engineering fields. Multisoft Virtual Academy, a reputable online training platform, offers a range of courses that cater to this demand. Two such courses are the SP3D (SmartPlant 3D) Administrator and SP3D Civil Online Training & Certification.

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This article aims to delineate the differences between these two distinct offerings, enabling individuals to make informed decisions about their career trajectory.

The Basics: What is SP3D?

SmartPlant 3D, or SP3D, is a cutting-edge modeling software developed by Intergraph. It’s primarily used in the fields of civil, mechanical, and chemical engineering to design plants and factories. The software leverages automation and integrates multidisciplinary engineering data to drive efficiency, improve precision, and reduce project timelines. Given its widespread applications, there are different areas of focus within SP3D, leading to specific roles like SP3D Administrator and SP3D Civil Designer.

SP3D Administrator Training

The SP3D Administrator training course, as the name implies, is designed to train individuals in administrative tasks related to the SmartPlant 3D environment. Administrators play a pivotal role in managing and maintaining the SP3D software within an organization.

During this course, learners acquire the technical skills necessary for configuring and managing the SP3D software. They gain in-depth knowledge about project set-up, database administration, customization, troubleshooting, and backing up and restoring projects. Besides, students also learn how to handle software upgrades, migration and integration with other systems.

This training is ideally suited for IT professionals or engineers looking to specialize in the administrative aspects of SP3D. As an SP3D Administrator, one not only manages the software but also provides technical support to the design team and liaises with the software vendor for any upgrades or issues. Thus, it necessitates a solid understanding of both engineering principles and information technology.

SP3D Civil Online Training & Certification

SP3D Civil Online Training & Certification focuses primarily on using the SP3D software for civil engineering design. The course takes a practical approach, teaching students how to create precise 3D models of civil infrastructure, including buildings, bridges, roads, and other structures.

This course encompasses various modules, including but not limited to, understanding the SP3D interface, setting up a structural model, creating and modifying civil objects, and generating drawings and reports. Emphasizing real-world application, students get hands-on experience working on live projects and use cases, thereby honing their modeling and design skills.

This SP3D certification is most beneficial for civil engineers or those aspiring to be one, providing them with an added advantage in the job market. It equips them with the knowledge and skill set to use SP3D software for detailed design, enabling more efficient and accurate construction planning.

A Comparative Overview

The core difference between these two courses lies in their primary focus – the SP3D Administrator course is more geared towards the IT aspects of SP3D Electrical, while the SP3D Civil Online Training & Certification focuses on the application of SP3D in civil engineering design.

The former is ideal for professionals keen on the administrative, managerial, and technical support aspect of SP3D online training, and the latter is perfect for those who wish to leverage the software for civil engineering design and construction. While both courses revolve around SP3D, they cater to distinct career paths and thus entail different skill sets.

The Intersection of SP3D Administrator and Civil Training

Although the SP3D Administrator and the SP3D Civil Online Training & Certification cater to different professional goals, they intersect at several points. Both roles need a basic understanding of civil engineering concepts and the SP3D software. Similarly, both roles involve working closely with technical teams to ensure that the software is being utilized effectively.

Hence, having an understanding of both the administrative and design aspects of SP3D can lead to a more comprehensive skill set.

The Future of SP3D Professionals

In the future, the demand for professionals with SP3D training is likely to surge. As more companies adopt this software for their infrastructure design needs, the need for trained administrators and civil designers will increase. By obtaining either the SP3D Administrator or SP3D Civil Online Training & Certification from Multisoft Virtual Academy, you can ensure that you have the necessary skills to capitalize on these opportunities.


In the evolving landscape of engineering, understanding and leveraging software like SP3D can significantly enhance your career prospects. Multisoft Virtual Academy, through its SP3D Administrator and SP3D Civil Online Training and Certification, provides an avenue to acquire these specific skill sets. By delineating your professional interests and objectives, you can select the course that best aligns with your career goals.

Remember, no matter which path you choose, these courses marks an investment into your future, paving the way for success in your chosen field.

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